Winmalee Fires – Photo Gallery

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Winmalee fires

Police manning the roadblocks are very grateful for food and refreshments as they cannot leave their post throughout the whole shift.

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Winmalee Fires

Emergency services having a feed of steak sandwiches during their shift.

Plymouth Brethren - RRT - Tony Abbott

PM Tony Abbott meets the RRT

Plymouth Brethren - RRT - Tony Abbott - Winmalee fires

PM Tony Abbott press conference in the RRT tent

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Winmalee Fires

Refilling with water at the Springwood Golf Course

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Winmallee Fires

Serving food and cold drinks to NSW FB

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Winmalee Fires

Serving hot roast beef rolls and salad at the oval to 200 firefighters on standby

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Winmalee fires

Sunday lunch out in the field. 200 hot roast beef rolls and salad were served to firefighters on standby at the oval

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Winmalee Fires

Serving hungry and exhausted firies right at the front

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Winmalee fires

Serving the firefighters hot food and drinks on the frontline

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Winmalee Fires

The blaze up close, refreshments for the firefighters

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Winmalee Fires

Utter devastation!

Plymouth Brethren -  RRT Winmalee fires

More devastation.

13 thoughts on “Winmalee Fires – Photo Gallery”

  1. Me says:

    Well done – excellent work keep it up

  2. Ian says:

    Thank You to the whole RRT Team, The food , drinks , smiling faces picked up all spirits when totally exhausted , from the steak sangas at midnight to egg & bacon rolls for breakie. MAS CAT1 Tanker 16 crew changes and nothing but praise for you guys. Regards Ian Crew Leader Maroota South RFS.

  3. Herbert says:

    This is truly remarkable work…to even host the press conference with the PM…you guys are selfless and totally Christian. Thanks to all those fighting these terrible fire, may God be merciful to the race.
    thank you, thank you.

  4. Nathan Grundy says:

    I can not thank you all enough, the food and how helpful you all are, it was great to come away from a fire to happy smiling faces who could not do enough to make sure us fire fighters were looked after and fed.

    Thank you again

    Nathan Grundy
    Deputy Captain Bargo VRFB

  5. Nola Elgee says:

    Hello Martin,
    Just wondering what would have happened previously when you ran out of water? Would you have had to “retreat”?

  6. Bob says:

    Excellent JOB RRT – Couldn’t have done any betta

  7. Paramedic says:

    I can not speak highly enough of the kind, generous people who so selflessly gave up their own time and energy to help feed, water, talk and support the emergency crews working around the Winmalee/Springwood and Blue Mountains area!

    Everyone I talked to were so grateful for your help and your generosity was very much appreciated by all. You guys truly went above and beyond. Thank you!

  8. keepsafe says:

    Our hearts go out to the brave men and women fighting these fires. You are amazing people! We are praying for your safety.

  9. Hazi-Hammenuhoth says:

    Once again, the Plymouth Brethren have demonstrated the love of Christ in a practical way with impartiality, and one is reminded of the words of St, Paul in his epistle to Timothy, speaking of those “That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate; Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.”

    Please keep up this admirable work, it is greatly appreciated and it is excellent Christian testimony, and a continuation of what Mary refers to in the beginning of the Gospel of St Luke: “He hath filled the hungry with good things.”

  10. Martin says:


    I was up there as part of the Canberra RFS crew that responded to the fires on Thursday last week.

    I cannot say how much we appreciated the support you guys provided. Keeping us fed both day and night.

    At one point I asked one of your guys if you had a spare pallet of water as we were running low on the truck, you didnt have one there and then but one of your guys drove out and brought back multiple pallets for the trucks in our strike team. Absolutely above and beyond.

    Then when you couldn’t come down to the fireground because it was too active you individually wrapped and boxed steak sandwiches to be brought down to the fireground by one of our command vehicles!

    Thanks so much.

    1. UK admirer! says:

      Amazing how they’ve even got their own RRT water tankers (at least that’s what it looks like) – how did they do that? It must have been done in a very short space of time! Pleased that the PM got the opportunity to see what you (firefighters & RRT) are doing & show his personal gratitude.
      Martin, please tell us some more of your experiences – there must be lots that is not covered by the blogs on this website! You’ve been right out there in the thick of it…

    2. Nola Elgee says:

      Hello Martin,
      Just wondering what would have happened previously when you ran out of water? Would you have had to “retreat”? Sorry, I asked this previously, but not sure if I did it as a ‘REPLY’ to your comment. I understand you would have been too busy too answer, but if u ever do have time, would love to know! Thoughts and prayers for all the families of the emergency crews that wait at home while these emergencies are being attended to. Are you being looked after too?

  11. Cheered resident says:

    Oh….you guys and girls are the talk of town around Springwood and Winmalee…..with community, retailers, police, fire, ses, ambulance, council workers,….EVERYONE! THANKYOU, THANKYOU! Let me say, you have made it so much easier for our famous firefighters by letting them concetrate on their job while being and constantly fed and refreshed. Well done RRT 🙂

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