Walking for Wishes with RRT

The morning of Saturday July 18th dawned with a blue cloudless sky- quite different than last year’s rainy Walk for Wishes at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, in Cleveland, Ohio USA, according to  event coordinator Megan.

The Make-A-Wish® event is set up for the non-profit organization dedicated to granting wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. The event involved participants embarking on a one to three mile walk in honor of the cause, or for a specific friend or family member.

RRT teamed up with Make-A- Wish Volunteers .

RRT teamed up with Make-A-Wish Volunteers .

The local Cleveland RRT team joined the volunteer list and helped out wherever they were needed; setting up sponsor tents, transporting supplies around the zoo, and manning stations set up along the route to distribute water bottles, snacks, and much enthusiasm to the walkers!

Overseeing one of the water bottle stations

Overseeing one of the water bottle stations

Many turned up for the day, and the strong feeling of mutual support and desire to do good emanating from everyone involved, was touching and invigorating. Many of the participants had a purpose to their step; their shirts emblazoned with the support group they belonged to, along with catchy team mottos. “Keep Calm and Dom On”, read the back of a t-shirt supporting a young boy named Dominic.


RRT Members Decorating a Sponsor’s Tent

RRT Members Decorating a Sponsor’s Tent

At the end of the walk, over 2,100 volunteers and participants alike came together to hear an announcement that the goal for the day ($185,000.00) was much surpassed by the overwhelming turnout of support. There had been more participants than any of the 22 annual events held previously! The RRT team cheered along as several of the candidates for the day came forward, smiling exultantly, regardless of their wheelchairs or crippling disease. Seeing how real the children’s struggles were made all the effort put forth seem far more than worthwhile and set everything into perspective for those involved. Awards were handed out; including “Best Team Name” went to “Eddie Spaghetti” (the team supporting the day’s Honorary Wish Kid), and “Most Enthusiastic Team” went to Dominic’s supersized sparkly tutu-wearing group.

RRT Distributing Refreshments to the Walkers

RRT Distributing Refreshments to the Walkers

Make-A-Wish® grants the wish of a sickly child on average every 37 minutes. In Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana alone there are more than 800 children waiting for their wish to come true. RRT is honored to be able to assist in this event, which in turn improves the success rate of granting these wishes!

3 thoughts on “Walking for Wishes with RRT”

  1. Rae says:

    How such a small amount of time donated to a cause like this can make such a huge difference to one person.
    May all the wishes come true!

  2. BFG says:

    Awesome – Go Cleveland!

  3. CJW says:

    What an awesome amount collected for the sick kids. Any improvement to their quality of life is encouraging. Great work RRT.

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