Wagga Plymouth Brethren donate $15,000.00 to CCTV Program

Committee 4 Wagga’s CCTV funding drive has received a massive boost with a donation of $15,000 from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Community.

Plymouth Brethren - Charity

Wagga Wagga is most commonly known as the largest inland city in NSW, Australia but sadly also has another statistic… it has the 6th highest crime rate per population of any city in Australia.

The Wagga Wagga City Council (WWCC) recently approved a major project for the installation of CCTV in the Wagga Wagga CBD as a result of continued concern and publicity about ongoing crime and anti-social behavior occurring in several ‘hotspots’ within the CBD.

The WWCC will contribute $300,000 towards the $500,000 cost of the project and a further $100,000 has been granted from the NSW government’s Community Building Program Partnership (Infrastructure).

In order to raise the remaining $100,000, the Committee 4 Wagga actively campaigned for support from businesses and organizations within the Wagga Wagga community and from the general public.

The Plymouth Brethren decided to help…

Many Plymouth Brethren business owners who rely on the community of the city for our livelihoods, families and young citizens who reside in the city, all chipped in to raise money for this worthy cause.

Committee 4 Wagga CEO, Chris Fitzpatrick welcomed the largest donation they have received “This donation comes at a critical time in our fundraising efforts as we close the gap on our target in community contributions. We are extremely grateful to the Plymouth Brethren Community for their generous support of this community infrastructure and safety project”.

Plymouth  Brethren Charity

Spokesman for the Plymouth Brethren Community said “We applaud what Committee 4 Wagga is doing to encourage community support in funding the proposal.”

“I can speak on behalf of many likeminded persons who have expressed, and shown practically their support for efforts in the city to contain and reduce crime, and make our city a safer and more prosperous place. We support government at every level, and appreciate the WWCC decision to establish CCTV in the city’s CBD.”

“We conduct our own activities in the way of spreading the Gospel to the same end.”

Plymouth Brethren - Charity

Church backs CCTV with 15 000 boost The Daily Advertiser

10 thoughts on “Wagga Plymouth Brethren donate $15,000.00 to CCTV Program”

  1. huggy says:

    Really great, stunning fundraising!

  2. Blinky Bill says:

    CCTV – this is great

  3. DavidM says:

    CCTV makes all honest people feel safer. Great generosity PBCC

  4. JD says:

    Matthewmatics!! Geewizz. You’re amazing you lot……………

    We need you over in London.

    G’day Annette D,
    John P,
    Kylie Geoff Doug
    Matthew and Lee

  5. Granny says:

    This is something different! We have CCTV all over our town and never thought who provided it – I think the local council just did it. But we shall have to watch out more carefully in future for initiatives of this sort and give them our support. And like you say, keep preaching the gospel as well. In one place in the UK at least, the police told the Brethren that the crime rate went up when the preaching lapsed for a while.
    Well done to those who organized this fund-raising for something that will have such benefits to the whole community, and make Wagga Wagga a safer place in which to live and work.
    Incidentally, the newspaper article zooms up beautifully with Ctrl and scroll.

    1. LOOT says:

      Yep it’s been fixed 😀

  6. beefer says:

    hey loot, click on the PDF

    1. LOOT says:

      Yes I know…sorry I didn’t make myself clearer. I meant that the PDF/Picture (whatever it is) in full view mode is a bit blurry. It is readable, it’s just fairly blurry, that’s all.


    2. Karlosal says:


      Ty adjusting your monitor screen. might help.

      good luck…and well done to Wagga PBCC!! fantastic effort!!!

  7. LOOT says:

    Could we have a higher res picture of the article in the Daily Advertiser? Is a bit too grainy to read…

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