US – Chicago RRT Be The Match ® Walk+Run April 2016

To support Be The Match ® in raising money in a 5k/1k walk and run event, RRT provided over 30 volunteers in Chicago on April 16th, 2016. Our team arrived at Montrose Harbor early on this beautiful Saturday morning to assist the Be the Match ® organizers with setting up tables, chairs, signage, trash cans, and whatever other chores that needed our assistance.

It truly could not have been a better day for this event, supporting the cure for people with life threatening blood cancers like leukaemia and lymphoma or other diseases. Be The Match® connects patients with their donor match for a lifesaving marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant.


Setting up tents in the early dawn hours

Finishing our setup chores hours before official event start time, we decided to participate in some fun activities to keep our energy levels up. While this was happening, other RRT volunteers were directing traffic and providing parking and general information to Be The Match® participants as they arrived.


Directional Team providing assistance

Soon 5k & 1k runners and walkers rapidly started arriving as the start time of the event neared. A dance was performed to warm everyone up for the run/walk. A few RRT volunteers were encouraged to join the dance to encourage others to participate. While this was happening, other RRT volunteers were working hard at the 5k half way point setting up hundreds of water cups for the runners/walkers as they passed through.


The Water Stop in action

Soon the race began and RRT was in stationed throughout the course to provide course marshalling to over 700 participants. A few also joined in on cheering on the participants, giving them courage to finish!

As the runners and walkers passed the finish line, RRT was there to hand out a water bottle to each and every one that wanted it. Over 600 water bottles were handed out within a short period of time.


A participant happy for the refreshment

Back at the RRT tent, many different refreshments were organized for participants including cold water, granola bars, and bananas.


RRT Tent provided food and water

The Be The Match ® Walk/Run event was a great success and their appreciation in partnering with RRT showed in many Thankyou’s! We would like to share this special message of thanks from Angie Larson, Development Coordinator with Be The Match ®

Thank you so much to (RRT) for their help and amazing support during our Walk+Run event in Chicago! The group showed up bright and early at 5am with 33 wonderful volunteers to set up our event, and everyone was more than willing to help out in any way possible. They stayed well after the event had ended, ensuring that all supplies were packed up. Additionally, RRT provided water for the event, and helped out in a last minute pinch with additional supplies. RRT ensured a stress-free event, and it would not have been the same without them! THANK YOU!

Thank you Angie and Be The Match ®, for giving us the opportunity to support your lifesaving cause!


Our team of RRT volunteers

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  1. Miranda says:

    That was an excellent job of RRT!
    We have had RRT in UK and they’re fabulous!
    Go RRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    That day was seriously epic, RRT people are great! We need them

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