Today marks 1 week Bathurst RRT have been set up at Perthville Base Camp NSW.

After kicking off for two days on a temporary site, RRT have now enjoyed a week of preparing and serving over 1700 hot meals for Rural Fire Service crews in a fully transportable commercial style kitchen provided on site by the Rural Fire Service.

These fantastic facilities include a huge stainless steel double sink, prep benches, huge warmers and a massive multifunction oven, also mobile gas burner cooktops, 2 self-contained hand washing sink units,  a large Bane Marie, and huge BBQ plates.

This was backed up by a giant refrigerated container and complemented with a fridge and freezer trailer, second Bain Marie unit, 4 commercial deep fryers and hooded BBQ’s organized by the Bathurst Rapid Relief Team to help feed the hungry crews.

RRT has three rotating shifts throughout the day between 4.30am -11pm. Usually 9 – 12 volunteers are hard at it on each rostered shift, all enjoying working with the great equipment available.

Top Marks RFS!!

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

Airconditioned comfort – Kitchen provided by the RFS

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

Easy to keep clean and tidy

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief TEam

Kitchen in the Bush

Today 301 meals were served between breakfast, lunch & dinner shifts.

 The firies enjoyed a feast tonight: 30kg Beef, 10 Litres Gravy, 200 Baked Potatoes, 14Kg Peas,

 12Kg Carrots, Savoury Muffins, Bread Rolls & Greek Salad!

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief team

Time out – Aussie cricket with the RFS!

The RRT and firies stretched some muscles playing cricket in spare time between shifts. Before long the RFS were back in the trucks, concentrating on mopping up hot spots and strengthening containment lines at the Hell’s Hole fire burning five kilometres south west of Trunkey. Over the weekend after successful back burning, perimeter of the fire, which had burnt through 2800 hectares of land, was 50 kilometres long.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief TEam

Thank you again RFS!


  1. freddofrog says:

    this is incredible – just stumble upon this blog – who even are these RRT people. i hope theres some near where i am, cause i reckon they’d do just about anything to help out.
    A whole week – is it volunteering – surely they must get paid?

    1. jaycee says:

      Hello freddofrog,
      RRT is 100% volunteers…..this crew is mainly from the bathurst area. They provided catering for the firemen for 13 days and were on site usually between 4am and midnight, sometimes longer. Many generous employers will pay their staff if they are doing RRT volunteer work during business hours….as do many employers of fire fighters.

    2. Anonymous says:

      The RRT stands for the Rapid Relief Team run by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. it is completely voluntary usually carried out by the people closet to where the emergency is.

    3. H says:

      Where do you live?

    4. anotherfreddofrog says:

      agree freddo….
      of course they don’t get paid PBCC is a charity okay….?
      did you hurt your nose when you stumbled…!!!!
      Okay fine yeah and anyway where do you live????
      Thanks for the info

    5. freddofrog says:

      hey other freddo:
      you sound like you know me – i think you might as well.
      yeah, i live near Los Angeles, USA
      freddo (the real one)

  2. Odge says:

    Oy Lil Munky….lay off us paddies 😀 ….Irish in the blood indeed!…..or were they serving whiskey as well? :O

    Keep up the good work RRT!

  3. Chris Dawes says:

    Having been there for the last five days can honestly say the food was great and we could not do our job without you so thanks!

    1. Jaysee says:

      Thanks Chris,
      You guys did a fantastic job in fighting the fires….it was our pleasure to serve you.

  4. Ads says:

    Simply outstanding…!

  5. Haggis says:

    great work, well done!!! even time for cricket!!!

  6. Lil Munky says:

    Who won the Cricket?! 🙂

    1. au says:

      Australia, hadn’t you heard?! 😮

    2. Lil Munky says:

      Aus RFS V Aus RRT and Australia won?! Now thats a surprise!! You don’t happen to have Irish in your blood do you?! 🙂

    3. Auntique says:

      Now that is what I call supreme cooking in the bush! Looks like you did a great job and had fun while doing it – good on you! BTW Lil Munky – if you look in most family trees whether you live in AU, NZ, America, UK or Europe; you’re pretty much likely to find an Irish twig or two – if not more. 🙂 I had to laugh at that too – how could Australia lose on this one? Luck of the Irish? They fed them, they entertained them and all around looks like an amazing setup.

  7. Granny says:

    As we say here in our part of the UK – we’re totally gobsmacked!!

    UK Granny

  8. ohno says:

    please – no puns about the cricket games, and the ashes.

    1. Southern Cross says:

      Talk about irony!! ;D

  9. Yankee Granny says:

    truly amazing….!!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thank you Yanky Granny !

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