Sydney RRT Participates in Celebrations at Westmead Children’s Hospital

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

THANK YOU – Staff and Volunteers!

Celebration week at Sydney Children’s Hospital Westmead was a time to thank and reward the wonderful staff and volunteers that work at the hospital,  for their dedication, selflessness and care in “improving the  health and wellbeing of children”.

This year, the Rapid Relief Team provided two free cooked meals to honour the work the Hospital provides our community, regardless of race, nationality or beliefs.  Continue to Read



3 thoughts on “Sydney RRT Participates in Celebrations at Westmead Children’s Hospital”

  1. Wicked stepmother says:

    Well done Sydney RRT what an awesome idea to reward these people who work so hard.

  2. CJW says:

    Glad to see an unselfish attitude to those in need. it would have been much appreciated as a Christian gesture.

  3. bob says:

    This is awesome Sydney – keep up the good work

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