Swedish RRT provide welcome relief during motorway pile-up


A serious car and lorry accident involving more than 70 vehicles happened today shortly before noon on the E4 motorway just outside Helsingborg in southern Sweden. The conditions were very foggy and slippery following heavy snowfall. Tragically, one person died in this accident and up to 40 were injured.  The Brethren RRT (Rapid Response Team) became aware of the scale of the incident after one of our members contacted an ambulance driver that was at the accident and he said they had not had anything to drink or eat for several hours.

At 15:30 plans were quickly made to provide assistance. Two generators were hired and supplies of coffee, tea, soup cakes etc. were purchased from the local shops by the Brethren and once at the accident scene a simple canteen was set up and the team began serving out coffee etc. It was -17 C and conditions were very severe, and the large numbers of officers from the fire and police service were very grateful for a hot cup of coffee and asked who we were. Later, further supplies of sandwiches and cakes arrived and were handed out to weary emergency crews and victims. Almost 100 gospel tracts were distributed to provide soul food and comfort in the difficult circumstances. One of the police men said they had been asking for years for an organization to come out with food and drinks when an accident like this happens, but it has never worked, another policeman hadn’t had a drink for 8 hours so they were VERY thankful for what was done for them.

The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in Sweden have an organized group of volunteers who will assist during times of emergency.

A welcome coffee at the roadside canteen!




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  1. JIM says:

    I feel sorry for you if you think these rrt people are being helpful in these emergency situations just to benefit themselves. They are doing an extremely good job in helping the emergency services.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Marco, as the bible says “God loveth a cheerful giver”, the brethren are abiding by the bible and helping those in need. Any Christian person could do this, it is just a question of whether you are willing to be “a cheerful giver”.

  3. Geegee says:

    Thanks Tobias
    Has Marco gracefully retired or is he still around ?
    If he is, maybe he could check out the dates mentioned on this link:

    This proves that the PBCC have been training for and helping at disasters for a very long time. Sweden is really only a small country for population and a major thing like this accident doesn’t happen very often. However the PBCC RRT is ready and willing to help out if it is physically possible to get to the site of an occurrence, same as in any other country in the world.

  4. catfish says:

    marco i happen to help out at one of the flooding incidents in Australia and i can assure you nothing is rigged we worked for weeks day and night protecting houses and properties from flooding. i’m not sure how you are meant to rig the photos anyway.

    1. Me says:

      Marco, The attitude of yr blog is just the way everyone in this world tends to think these days…. No-one ever trusting anyone else, no-one committing themselves to do anything without demanding something back for themselves. its shameful and it reflects the love of self and the pride of life in every one of us. These RRT efforts are entirely unselfish and afford great thanks to all those involved.

    2. Tobias says:

      Marco are you suggesting that the brethren caused floods and accidents and go around lighting fires just so they can waste their time and resources on relief efforts to look good. Do you know what it requires to go without sleep and work hard for days on end without pay?

      I’d also like to say that I find it commendable that the brethren do it whatever the purpose, and its a shame they have to tell the world about it in this way as the real spirit is doing thing for others without seeking recognition or reward. they are obviously private people and have been doing good out of the spotlight for years without the applauds they deserve.

      Lastly if they read and comment on their own website, good for them. They have a right to encourage and congratulate each other and feel proud what their brothers efforts have acheived. I’d like to know is there a donate link somewhere? This all seems to be coming from their own pockets – lets see you put your money where you mouth is marco.

  5. Pam & Ami says:

    Great work Neil!!

  6. NM says:

    Reply for Marco: Marco, notice how there are very few comments with a negative approach submitted?
    I think most people would have enough common knowledge to know that if they want to be negative, they would not be able to hold an argument here. Especially with the clear evidence of postive outburst in rebuke to your negative post by non PBCC people.
    As the saying goes, ‘If you cant say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!’ . sounds like you have spare time to waste, criticising, why not put it to use and find a situtation that needs a helping hand!

  7. Andrew G says:

    Marco, what about the newspaper articles? You tell Holly not to believe the blogs because they are made by EB members – is there one thing on any blog that you can prove is untrue? Why should Holly believe you? What are your credentials? What would you think if I took the attitude that I’m not going to believe what you say because you are not a PBCC member?
    You obviously prefer opinion to fact.
    What you should have done is waited to speak until the charity commission case was over. When it is over & these charitable acts are still going on, hopefully you will be upright enough to post an apology.
    One very big support event was the large Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand which happened long before the charity commission case.
    Admin – would it be worth putting some Christchurch pictures on to save some of these waste of time blogs?

  8. Aussie says:

    Good stuff guys!
    Keep it up!

  9. Encouraged says:

    To Marco and all the Marco’s out there.
    How could all this goodness be a ‘stunt’? Read the newspapers and get educated, ask the Emergency Teams, the Police forces where these trajedies happen. They will give you the POSITVE facts. And go out and be helpful and unselfish yourself. Try it yourself. Try it, try it, you will like it. and you may have the priviledge of meeting some of these people and finding how happy they are.
    These people have been doing this for always. They just aren’t the type to talk about it, and prefer to let not the left hand know what the right hand does. However, it seems you don’t like all this goodness and kindness; why?
    If you ever come into any emergency or need, you may have to call them yourself someday. And they will happily help you out.
    By the way, when you say EB, you must mean these people are
    Extremely Bountiful. What a great way to compliment them!
    I know of similar teams from The Brethren who came and helped in the North Dakota floods, from Canada. They just do this because it needed to be done. It isn’t just Britian, and it isn’t just recent.
    Have an entirely happier day.

    1. Granny says:

      The Red River floods were in 1997!! The Brethren worked alongside everyone else and often kept going when others flagged. Sandbagging until they could wring the blood out of their gloves, building and walking dikes, saving houses, people and possessions, and feeding anyone and everyone!!
      “18 batches of bread pudding, 54 quarts of beef stew, 30 lasagnas, gallons of sausage gravy, bbq chicken for the town, meatballs and sauce, spaghetti, steak and gravy, pails and pails of cookies and sweets……..” And they had never even heard of the Charity Commission!!!!!!.

    2. R says:

      Marco—There is 1 paragraph in the “About us” tab answers most of your comments

      “…this is just a stunt to gain charitable status in the uk!…”
      Anything wrong with gaining charitable status???

      “…Don’t believe what you read in these blogs as most of the participants are EB…”
      WHO do you want to BELIEVE then???
      Please refer to https://www.theplymouthbrethren.org/about-us/
      Sentence 2 says “The information here is reliable and accurate”

      “…And they add their own responses to make it look good!…”
      Please refer to https://www.theplymouthbrethren.org/about-us/
      Sentence 1 says “This blog is managed and written by members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.”
      After all it is a blog, anyone can contribute.

      “…They don’t allow anything which would be seen as negative!!…”
      You’ll find there are few negative comments because it hard to get anything negative from this site. The negative comments come from and expose external sources.
      As you’ll observe, negative comments are always overcome with POSITIVES
      “Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” (Romans 12:21)

      Please refer to https://www.theplymouthbrethren.org/about-us/
      Sentence 3 says “The purpose of this blog is to provide all interested parties with additional context and information regarding news and events of the Church and its members”
      I am sure Bad Blogging is not the intention of this site

  10. Craig says:

    The most wonderful thing about the PBCC in my eyes is that there is such a consistent high level of giving all over the world. I was going to say in every branch, but in every locality whether it be in Sweden as mentioned or in Gnowangerup, the same selflessness and consideration for others is shown. It’s not to speak against any inconsistency in other sects and religious groups at all, but it is just incredible to see such uniformity in their charitable activity the world over. The PBCC are not out to be heroes at all but the essential work they are doing is absolutely undeniable and such selflessness in their activity is simply Christ like.

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