Supply on a Large Scale – RRT at Bargo/Wilton

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid relief Team Yanderra

RRT Handing out bottled water on the front line of the Yanderra fire.

After the Picton community no longer needed the Picton church hall as an evacuation centre, the RRT discovered that RFS had set up a staging point at Bargo Oval.  Finding hungry fire-fighters already waiting for food, the RRT set up very rapidly with the fresh food and drink we had on hand.


Plymouth Brethren - Rapid relief Team Bargo

Hungry Fire-fighter eating a steak sandwich at Bargo RRT

Bargo RRT was set up at the oval from Thursday night through to Sunday mid-day. The RFS also had set up a heli base for the helicopters doing aerial bombing. The fire was moving rapidly through to the Sydney catchment area and more than 300 fire-fighters were called in to fight. RRT worked 24 hours giving out hot meals and drinks, with shift changes every 12 hours, or 6 hours during the night. The RFS enjoyed the food, energy and smiling faces of the RRT so much that they requested that we relocate to Wilton Oval so we could be closer to where the fire had progressed to. So Sunday afternoon, the RRT Bargo was upheaved and moved to Wilton in time for dinner.


Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team Yanderrs

Damage in the town of Yanderra

Wilton RRT was set up to cater for the same fire-fighters that were at Bargo so now they were very well acquainted with the great food and members of RRT. We also changed our shift and menu to make it easier for the RFS. We now had Breakfast shift and dinner shift and lunch and night time was fresh sandwich packs which were taken on the field. Once the fire had reduced to monitoring stage and down to 150 fire-fighters, we had been told to move back to Bargo after 4.5 days at Wilton for just one more day before the RFS were no longer in need of the RRT.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team Wilton

Dinner time at Wilton, Sausage and steak Sandwiches

During this time we went through:

  • 250 + Kgs of Sausages
  • 100Kgs of Steak and bacon.
  • 100kg of sandwich meat
  • 5kgs of mayo
  • 60 dozen eggs
  • 3000 sandwiches were made
  • 3000 pieces of cake wrapped for packs
  • 300 cakes, brownie, muffins and trail mixes
  • A huge box of lollies, chocolate bars and muesli bars
  • 25 boxes of fruit
  • 500 loaves of bread and 800 bread rolls
  • 1000 + cans of drink
  • Slabs of water, uncountable!!
  • 50kgs of Salad
  • Countless bottles of BBQ and tomato sauce!
  • 2.5kg of coffee
  • Lots of butter!
  • 10 bags of chips
  • Plus much much more!


Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

RRT Sandwich making girls


We would have to thank the Lions Club for helping out so much with organising food and the residents from Bargo and Wilton, especially Alison from Wilton. Also Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Thirlmere Produce, and Country Valley Milk for their donations and baking of food. Many others that are unnamed, we could not have done without you all!

We had many very thankful fire-fighters telling us that they have never before had food of this high standard while on duty. Some fire fighters had been fed for 24 hours a day for over 5 days by the RRT; they could not contain their appreciation for the hot food and the care they received. 

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

Helicopter coming into land on Bargo Oval, RRT fed the pilots on command

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team Wilton

A busy morning for RRT at Wilton

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

Reggie trying out his fire fighting skills under the watchful eye of an Otford FRS commander

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

The fire is nearly out so now we can have some fun with the kids!

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

RRT given a close up view of the water bombing helicopter.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief TEam

Bulli RFB

Thirlmere Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief team _Picton

Fire and Rescue NSW 1

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team - Picton


Plymouth Brethren -  Rapid Relief Team

RFS Austinmer

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  1. singNsmile says:

    He couldn’t move a mountain
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    Do what you do do well boy
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    Sums up the RRT, huh? 🙂

    1. Frank says:

      Nice!! We just need to see the RRT make a music video of them singing it now… 🙂
      Seriously, they have done a really good job.

    2. OAR says:

      Frank, there’s almost one on the home page at… 🙂

  2. Nola Elgee says:

    10 bags of chips – What size bags of chips were they? Do you mean frozen chips as in ‘fish n chips’? Do you have a list of the equipment that was used in the preparation and serving of all these meals, and is it part of your RRT set-up, or procured as it was needed? Sorry for all the questions, but the logistics of it all are so interesting!

  3. calvin (and hobbes) says:

    the AMOUNT of food and drink!

  4. Baringup says:

    Your RRT were amazing throughout this fire. Not only was the food fresh & healthy, but all your team were so friendly & welcoming. Smiling faces, genuinely interested in what we were doing, everything about the RRT was truly appreciated. I doubt we could ever express the true depth of our gratitude for what you did for all of us in emergency services as well as members of the public who wandered in seeking information & moral support. Thank you

  5. Boo says:

    Great Work

  6. Granny says:

    This truly was a job well done.
    Those brave firefighters deserve all the help you can give them.
    We hope and pray that there won’t be any more fires this big and scary for a long time.
    Keep up the good work RRT and keep up that singing as well – Anybody remember that old song – “Do what you do do well?” – It could be your signature tune!!

    1. Me,MYSELF AND I says:

      brilliant work RRT.
      Granny what are words for the song???????????

    2. Curious says:

      Could you post them in a comment please??
      It will be greatly appreciated…

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      Curious, they are already on this blog at the top (3rd Nov)… enjoy!

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