Small school- large hearts!

31 students raise $11,378.00 for Royal Flying Doctor!

Plymouth Brethren RFDS Coin Drive

When the 31 students of the Mt Gambier Campus of Meridian School were selecting a worthy recipient for their Semester 1 fundraising efforts, they discovered that nearly every student’s family knew of or had experienced the services of RFDS.

After a visit to Mount Gambier airport and a tour of an RFDS aircraft, they were hooked – and

‘Operation RFDS’ swung into action.

Plymouth Brethren Coin Drive

 Discovering that an aircraft propeller overhaul costs over $8000, that figure became the seemingly ambitious target, and a full size drawing of a 4 bladed prop appeared on the foyer wall – with each blade being coloured each time another $2000 was raised.

RDFS Coin Drive

A plan to conduct a gold coin drive was mooted, hoping to collect enough coins to fill an outline of a PC-12 aircraft. Accordingly, the obliging Art teacher generated the 6 metre long silhouette on the gym floor, and the school gathered to watch in amazement as bag after bag of coins was emptied, along with the coin dispensers of the local bank branches!

Plymouth Brethren RFDS Coin Drive

Meridian School Mt Gambier Campus CEO Mr Andy Gooden said ‘We encourage a spirit of giving, and I applaud the recognition by the students of other community–minded and humanitarian activities. The RFDS epitomises the values of preserving and nurturing life.’

Plymouth Brethren RFDS Coin Drive


Local RFDS Support Group President Mrs Chris Driscoll gratefully accepted the gift on behalf of RFDS, remarking ‘$11378.00 is an incredible result – these few students have raised an enormous amount of money – the community’s generosity is astounding!’

Plymouth Brethren RFDS Coin Drive

Plymouth Brethren - support RFDS

All RFDS staff & school captains

Plymouth Brethren RFDS

RFDS pilot Barry receives the cheque



Plymouth Brethren - RFDS

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38 thoughts on “Small school- large hearts!”

  1. Goldilocks says:

    Wow that is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good job guys

  2. Nola Elgee says:

    That is an average of $367.00 per student! And I bet each student would be able to name something they would like for themselves if they were given that to spend! A good lesson for us all that we are only stewards of what we are given! The RFDS is indispensable for Australia and needs all the support we can give them. We have proved how vital their service is in our family. Well done to the whole school.

  3. reubs says:

    Fab effort you lot. What an awesome bunch.

  4. Aunty Jane says:

    Wow, what a generous lot. How lovely you all look. Well done

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good Work
    Small school

  6. adam goodes says:

    keep up the generosity

  7. Rhys (2) says:

    Thanks for the praise everyone. It is a pleasure to help out the community.

  8. fred Jones says:

    Good work, keep it up!!! Awsome

  9. Derro says:

    WOW!! incredible effort!!

  10. fiddlesticks says:

    awsome, we could never do anything like that

  11. Auntique says:

    Excellent work & what a sacrifice of time and resources – a blessing to the area and the RFDS! I would have loved to have seen the bank tellers faces when you brought in all the coins – too funny! Keep up the great work.

  12. A. Bryan says:

    Excellent contribution.

  13. Twisted Sisterz says:

    Good job kids!
    We did this at our school too….was a lot of fun and for a great cause!

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