Saving a Public park

Ashley said “we are thrilled with this donation from Preston Down, it’s a great start to the funds we desperately need”

A TREASURED public park in Cullompton Devon could be lost unless the volunteer group set up to maintain it gets a funding boost.

Cullompton Community Association is calling on the town council to support the upkeep of the CCA Fields by raising its share of next year’s council tax by £1 per household. Last month’s flooding caused damage to bridges and play equipment in the 33-acre park, which the CCA says it cannot afford to repair on top of general maintenance costs.

The Preston Down Trust, made a generous donation to the CCA fields Committee on Friday 4th January 2013, after an appeal went out for urgent donations and funds, after vehicular access bridge that spans the brook was severely damaged, being uplifted and carried across the Park and left broken up. A meeting was arranged between members from the Preston down Trust congregation and Ashley who represents the CCA committee, and a cheque was handed over for £1000.00 towards the vital work that needs completing. An additional amount was also donated for the initial supplies needed to enable urgent repairs to be started and make the bridge safe.

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11 thoughts on “Saving a Public park”

  1. George says:

    Has anyone seen the list of Richards Stays accepted gifts or hospitality – I’ve seen this and can hardly believe it. Can anyone confirm if this is true? see this link:

    1. Simon says:

      Wow! Emirates stadium, concert and buffet, Twickenham rugby match – the list goes on and on! Is this dude a politician or an agent networker!?

    2. PR says:

      I can’t actually see the relevance of that – can we try and keep posts relevant to the article?

    3. John says:

      There is some relevance, PR, in that the person George named has been harshly critical of the Brethren’s charity including this donation in particular and is active elsewhere in hatemongering against the brethren while being paid from the public purse.

    4. Granny says:

      Thankfully that link is blocked on my PB computer!! I did wonder why this comment was on this particular article, but what John says below has confirmed what I thought would be the case.
      I trust by now that all right-minded people everywhere will have noticed that the PB never spread hate about anyone else, even those whose doctrines they cannot endorse, they just answer what is thrown at them, and get on with enjoying life. And I can add that I have been with the Brethren all my life and have never lived through a more inspiring and enthusing time. The more we are attacked, the stronger our faith becomes – like all Christians throughout the centuries.

    5. James Jack says:

      What exactly has this to do with the blog article? It appears that you are just slandering someone here with no relevance to the article content. Admin – I’m surprised you let this one past you!! I don’t think it reflects well on the blog on the Church.

    6. JStar says:

      I understand your concern but sometimes it’s better not to read those sorts of things. As Romans 16 v 19 says (JND Version),… “but I wish you to be wise [as] to that which is good, and simple [as] to evil.”

  2. Rob says:

    This gives us a great idea to help rebuild a pedestrian bridge in a nearby public park.
    Hard-pressed public officials regard these outpourings of generosity as a gift from Heaven!

  3. Raife says:

    Once again the PBCC stepping in in a totally unselfish way and emptying their pockets. Keep up the GREAT selfless acts and show the rest how to do it!

  4. Zach says:

    My Word, how kind. I reckon that these kind of people are just thinking for others without thinking for themselves unlike (me!!!)

  5. Scott says:

    A Huge thanks to the Plymouth Brethren for this increadible donation!! You have saved our Park!!

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