The Annual ‘Run the Lake’ event at Glenvale School, Ballarat Campus has become a yearly highlight with students running laps of Lake Wendouree to raise money for their school and local community.

 This year Glenvale Ballarat made a commitment to donate $5000 to the Sebastopol Country Fire Authority. The day was enthusiastically attended by a number of CFA staff, including their mascot Captain Koala to cheer the kids along the way.

Plymouth Brethren - Run The Lake

“Keep going”

 The weeks of hard work and training by the students is always evident as they attempt to beat their personal records; in the inaugural event in 2011, 3 students and 1 teacher ran a marathon (42 kilometres or seven laps). Last year 5 students completed marathons.

This year, 15 students and 1 teacher completed marathons, the youngest student being only 9 years old!

Plymouth Brethren - Run the Lake

Running the Lake

 Physical education teacher Wayne Robb said “This is the third year running it, it just gets bigger and better!”

Sebastopol CFA captain Joe Janson was impressed by the pupils’ efforts.  “It’s amazing what the kids have done, it’s been a fantastic effort, and for the school to donate to us is so generous,” Mr Janson said, “We were able to get some gear and equipment to assist fire fighters’ safety.”

Plymouth Brethren - Run the Lake

Sebastopol CFA Score $5000.00

Local news reporters were captivated by the ‘true strength and determination’ that ‘shone from young runners.’

Plymouth Brethren - Run The Lake

Glenvale School – Ballarat Campus

The Glenvale Ballarat CEO Jeremy Henderson commented, “It was valuable for the students to meet with the CFA volunteers, it helped them understand the important role they play for the benefit & safety of the whole community. Also of great encouragement were the comments from members of the public regarding the behaviour & manners of our students – and their happy smiling faces! 4 time Olympian and Gold commonwealth medallist, marathon runner Steve Moneghetti, who was on the track during the day also spoke to some of the students, congratulating them and encouraging them to ‘keep it up’”.

Plymouth Brethren - Run The Lake

Lunch Provided

Plymouth Brethren - Run The Lake


Plymouth Brethren - Run The Lake

Pupils Run Lake for Firefighters









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    Well done – you must have so worn out but it was for a good cause – hey!

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