RRT Wagga Wagga Provides Christmas Dinner for the Homeless

Edel Quinn Support Services is a specialised serves of the St Vincent de Paul Society. It provides accommodation, meals and other services to adults in Wagga Wagga and the surrounding areas who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Edel Quinn provides crisis accommodation and case management services primarily for men who are experiencing homelessness in the Wagga Wagga region. They do this through a residential program and an outreach support program. The aim is to work together with men at risk of homelessness and with other services to find stable accommodation and attach people to the community supports they need.

The trailer arrives at Edel Quinn…

The trailer arrives at Edel Quinn…

Their crisis accommodation program accepts referrals, assesses client needs, referrals where necessary, and provides accommodation, meals, and case management to help people into appropriate long term housing. The outreach service provides support for people living in the community independently. They also provide vocational training and self-development opportunities through programs such as Back On Track and the soon to be opened Ozanam Learning Centre.

The Edle Quinn Centre  has newly refurbished facilities, which can house up to 16 residents with their own bedroom, bathroom and little kitchenette.   Recently they welcomed the Governor General to help a resident blow out the candles on his 80th birthday cake!

Preparing the Dinner

Preparing the Dinner

Wagga Wagga RRT met with the Edel Quinn support workers to see if there was any way they could help support them with their services they do for the Homeless.  RRT were asked if they could do a Christmas Dinner!

The RRT Trailer was used in conjunction with the on-site commercial kitchen to serve the Christmas Dinner for 14 residents and the support worker for the day.  An appetising meal included a ham steak, boiled potatoes, a corncob, a slice of pineapple and coleslaw was served.  This was very much enjoyed by all, and was topped off with a ice cream and fruit for dessert!

The Delicious Christmas Meal

The Delicious Christmas Meal

The band was playing while lunch was being cooked and during lunchtime. This added to the peaceful atmosphere.  They played a number of old favourites songs along with a few gospel hymns.

Christmas Day is often a long and lonely day for those who find themselves in a homeless situation. The entertainment and meal provided by the RRT made this day special for all the clients at the Edel Quinn Centre.  A number of clients commented how the happy and cheerful attitude had a positive impact on all who attended.

The Musicians for the Event

The Musicians for the Event

The RRT looks forward to helping the Edel Quinn Support Services again throughout the year, and maybe even next Christmas!

The team who brightened Christmas Day

The team who brightened Christmas Day

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  1. Wagga-ite says:

    I wasn’t present at this day but apparently the Edel Quinn staff did not want any recordings taken so the RRT respected that.

    if that answers a few questions on this post!

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    Go Waggatarians cu soon

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    Well done Wagga RRT!!!

    Keep up the good work. Is there any recordings of the band to be had? 🙂

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    looks great!
    any videos or recordings?

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    I’m lovin the broom handle set up we have with the piano here! Very resourceful.

  6. Giveitbeanz RRT! says:

    Once again great work RRT!! You must have seriously made a difference to these persons’ Christmas… Would love to see a video or hear a recording of the music – looks quite original! – any chance you could put it on here for us to enjoy as much as those homeless people did?? Keep it up!

  7. me says:

    well done
    any videos of the music?

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    Once again
    Well done RRT!
    Super Xmas dinner.
    Could we hear some of the music the mixed band looks amazing………..

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    Please can we have some recordings of the music?

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    Good on you Wagga – video would be good – sure Jason’s playing was good!

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