RRT Supports Sydney to Brisbane 1200kms ride

Plymouth Brethren RRT 1200Kms for Kids

The Team at Ourimba – Gosford RRT

It’s one thing to be moved by the suffering of mankind. It’s entirely another to answer the call to action. Participants in the ‘1200kms for Kids’ charity ride have actioned their passion for the cause of sick kids with an annual bike ride between Sydney and Brisbane.

Rapid Relief Team Plymouth Brethren

Lunch at Rixs Creek – Singleton RRT

This event was initiated in 2005 by two friends who were motivated to give back to the institutions which had nursed their sick children. The gruelling challenge befits the cause, with each rotation of the pedals representative of the pain and suffering children endure during illness, and the calibre required in overcoming many medical conditions.

Plymouth Brethren Rapid Relief Team

Early Breakfast at Muswellbrook – Singleton RRT

Lunch at Tamworth - Tamworth RRT

Lunch at Tamworth – Tamworth RRT

Plymouth Brethren - RRT

Lunch at Uralla – Armidale RRT

Plymouth Brethren RRT

Lunch At Woodenbong – Warwick RRT

Grande Finale - Lunch at Brisbane Hospital.

Grande Finale – Lunch at Brisbane Hospital.

Plymouth Brethren RRT

The $1m shirt!

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9 thoughts on “RRT Supports Sydney to Brisbane 1200kms ride”

  1. 2TinLegs says:

    Eggcellent (in case you had eggs for breakfast). Some of us have never been able to bike 1 metre, let alone 1200 kms, so keep using those strong leg muscles and be glad you are fit and well! We certainly admire you!

  2. biggles says:


  3. Jeanette says:

    That is truly incredible – I ache thinking about biking 1200km much less actually doing it! A 60km bike ride was enough to do me in – 1200km – I can’t fathom it. Aussie RRT’s – you really stepped up to the post. Breakfast, lunch, sunny skies or clouds – you were there to offer sustenance and smiles – WELL DONE!

  4. Gobsmacked from UK says:

    Fantastic !!

  5. PA says:

    Great to see RRT across so many locations! Keep it up RRT, keep it up 1200 team, that was some ride 🙂

  6. Charlotte says:

    What an awesome event – such an amazing amount of food and organisation involved!

  7. great
    who could ride 1200km
    shoot that is a bike ride all right
    some of these people are incredibly fit
    great cure as well
    wow you got a million dollar t-shirt you lucky people
    yum what about all the nice food that you served
    i wish i was that for that bit
    i just can’t get over the fact that all thosse people biked that far 1200km that is so much
    good work
    great work
    keep up the excellent work so amazing


    1. more sensible post. says:

      Nice one RRT. You’re often unoticed, but when you come to the fore, we really appreciate you!!

    2. JH says:

      Love your poem Dispicable me2, love the article too. Love the co-ordination of the stops along the route to Brisbane! Good on ya, once again!

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