RRT supports St Giles Hobart open day

On 23/08/2014, St Giles Hobart (Tasmania) hosted an open day for community, public and staff. RRT joined forces with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and Woolworths to provide food and entertainment to facilitate this event.
St Giles was established in 1937, and provides services and support to children with disability and their families to ensure families stay together in their own homes. Wherever there is a need within the disability community St Giles applies its ethos of “whatever it takes” to make a positive difference.

Plymouth Brethren RRT

RRT Volunteers attended the St Giles open day and provided meals to visitors

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2 thoughts on “RRT supports St Giles Hobart open day”

  1. Mavis says:

    Awesome work! Keep it up.

  2. Kate L. says:

    good on ya RRT!!
    are there any vids?? please? 😉

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