RRT Supports Parramatta Council Celebrate Youth Week

The Granville Youth and Community Recreation Centre is a facility of Parramatta City Council. Opened in March 2003, the centre offers a variety of programs for the local community including programs and activities for youth, and a space for hire for functions and meetings.

The centre’s mission is to be a central meeting point for all community activities in the Granville area, and to provide a supportive environment that enhances the social, emotional and cultural development of young people and the general community.

Plymouth Brethren Rapid Relief TEam

The Lord Mayor and his Colleagues show their appreciation

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3 thoughts on “RRT Supports Parramatta Council Celebrate Youth Week”

  1. I says:

    great work, and keeping the kids occupied with something fun and good! awesome for the kids as well as all those that organise i am sure!

  2. gP59 says:

    That is so great guys!
    It’s just what we need, to get young people out of trouble!(at least for a week)!
    I bet the week was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!!!

  3. Tom Brown says:

    Looks like a successful week of keeping the kids occupied, fed and happy! Jolly good stuff!

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