RRT South Australia – Barossa Valley Fires

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

A load of drinking water arrives as to Nuriootpa Oval – relief centre for fire fighters battling fire near Truro.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

Loading bottles into Esky cold boxes with ice

Plymouth Brethren - RRT

Getting instructions from the Strike Force Team Leader

Plymouth Brethren - RRT

Fire fighters from NSW crews sent to help – worked with RRT in NSW a few months ago.

Plymouth Brethren - RRT

Salvos and Angaston Scout Club working hard today feeding the crews. RRT turn tomorrow.

Plymouth Brethren - RRT

Dusk arrives at the scene where the fire was stopped on the highway, before it could get to the township of Truro – water tankers driven by heroes rode over stubble fire and doused the flames – see the blackened grass in the background.

Plymouth Brethren - RRT

Fire trucks being loaded up with drinking water supplies, ready for the night ahead.

Plymouth Brethren

Crews prepare themselves for the night shift at the fire front


10 thoughts on “RRT South Australia – Barossa Valley Fires”

  1. Blinky Bill says:

    Great Job

  2. great work….firefighters can’t do without all your help :-). Keep calm n carry on.

  3. RRT Supporter says:

    Hey, why don’t everyone commit themselves to donate towards the RRT Efforts??!!
    the link is: https://www.bpoint.com.au/payments/rapidreliefteam

    the rrt website is : http://www.rapidreliefteam.org/

    as far as i know the donations are for the world wide RRT but may be a PBCC memeber may confirm……

    lets support ’em!!!

    1. Nola Elgee says:

      Done! Thanks ever so much for putting that link on here. It made it so easy to donate immediately. Should be in all the blogs coz it is while reading them you get inspired to give. That certainly is what our firies and SES and other persons do.

    2. RRT Supporter says:


      i just came across it aswell!! well worth it…..

  4. Ads says:

    This is AMAZING work your doing you guys! Just keep it up!

  5. NSWFirey says:

    Hey want to thank you guys – we pulled into the oval before our shift – and it was great to see you again – you looked after us well in the Blue Mountains – that Caremel Slice was the best ever! Great to see the RRT sign in SA!

  6. Aussie says:

    We must save lives, life stock, property and WINE!!!

    1. VR says:

      VG point. Keep those highly prized wineries safe!
      Incredible determination and bravery from the services, delivering victory time after time.

  7. Happy Harry says:

    What a great job you folks are doing, I reckon those fire fighters can’t get over what a help & encouragement you ‘RRT’ians are!!!
    Keep it going, you’re a great support and encoragement all round the world!

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