RRT Provides Support As Fires Destroy Homes in Mundaring, Perth Hills

Devastating fires have destroyed 52 homes near Mundaring in the Perth hills of Western Australia.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid relief Team

A home sadly destroyed

Hundreds of people have been evacuated from the area, and many still have not been allowed to return to their properties.

The Rapid Relief Team have been providing assistance 24 hours a day to displaced community members and emergency personnel since Sunday afternoon, a few hours after the fire started.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid relief Team

Working with the Salvos on Sunday afternoon at the Brown Park evacuation centre in Swan View.

Over a thousand meals were served on Tuesday alone, and thousands of bottles of water have been distributed. 

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

Hundreds of residents at a community meeting at the evacuation centre on Monday morning.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

Providing for residents arriving for a community meeting

The generosity of local businesses and the general public has been overwhelming, with thousands of dollars’ worth of food, drinks, and equipment being donated to assist RRT’s efforts.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief TEam

At the RRT tent on Monday afternoon

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief team

Preparing food in the kitchen at the evacuation centre

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

RRT staff supplying food and drinks to community members at the evacuation centre.

The RRT is now operating in three different locations and expect to continue assistance through various activities over the coming days – including providing 200 meals daily to electricity network crew who are replacing around 150 power poles.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

Supplying basic provisions to residents who have remained without power and supplies in the locked-down fire zone.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief TEam

Supplying basic provisions to residents who have remained without power and supplies in the locked-down fire zone.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief TEam

The RRTs tents at the Brown Park evacuation centre


Fortunately the fire is now contained and under control, although the status is ‘Watch and Act’.

Further details will follow in a future article.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief TEam

Delivering food and drinks to firefighters

Plymouth brethren - RRT

Delivering water to firefighters

Plymouth Brethren - RRT

Handing food to a firefighter in the fire zone

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42 thoughts on “RRT Provides Support As Fires Destroy Homes in Mundaring, Perth Hills”

  1. Anonymous says:

    RRT- provided meals for over 200 linesman and cable joiners who were restoring power in very trying conditions. All your efforts were greatly appreciated by all the workers . Thanks very much on behalf of the workers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As one small part of the RTT I would like to thank the lady who offered to pay for the trolley load of fruit and vegetables I was collecting for the relief work. As it was, the shop was donating them, but the offer was very much appreciated. Thank you!!

  3. Marilyn says:

    Thank you for saving my daughter’s and her family’s house.

  4. Lauren says:

    I am trying to find a way to contact what I believe were a group of Brethren Church goers who saved our neighbour’s home (and therefore ours) on Hanley Street in Stoneville. Apparently a group dressed in their Sunday best came to our communities aid when a neighbours shed and fence caught alight. Someone had the wisdom to pierce an above ground pool to dowse the flames. I so desperately want to thank them for their courage and care. I can’t find any church locations on the website and don’t know where to start, but it means the world to me to be able to express my gratitude directly. Please help.

    1. Hux says:

      Hello Lauren
      I was one of a number of guys who put that fire out along with the help of 2 loads dumped from the helicopter. One of your neibours also helped.
      There is quite a story to it and we have number of pictures which we are happy to share with you when they are compiled.
      We only did what was our duty in the circumstances and are eqaully glad it was effective.
      Will be intouch again soon.

  5. jamez says:

    wow what a job!

  6. mr jack f says:

    Awesome work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Resident of the Fires says:

    Great work RRT – you not only provided awesome food and refreshments, most importantly, you gave us hope and lifted our spirits in the face of tragedy.

  8. James says:

    Great work!

  9. Raymond George Chambers says:

    Awesome work Aussie!!!!! Awesome work!!!!! Prayers going up daily!!! Love to all!

  10. Jul says:

    thanks 4 the hardwork and so many pictures!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Good Job RRT!! – You deserve a special seat in Heaven.
    The Burgers.

  12. Ad5 says:

    This is such tremendous work!
    Keep it up!…we look forward to the further articles!

  13. Ivan says:

    I think these actions carried out so selflessly by the PBCC make it seem absolutely ludicrous and totally wrong that it’s chairtable status was ever questioned in the UK. This is true sacrifice, with a definite cost those invloved. What is this if it isn’t chairty? Whoever refused them must have been crazy.

  14. Jack & Jill says:

    Awesome work guys – its gr8

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