RRT Nambour continues work with Suncoast Care

The Suncoast Care team has long been serving the homeless and underprivileged people that are unable to provide themselves one of the main necessities of life – a nourishing meal! They provide this excellent service two nights a week and have done so for many years.

The Nambour Rapid Relief Team has supported the Suncoast Care organization in the past and are will to continue this support for as long as is necessary.

In the evening of the 11th of May RRT Nambour arrived at the Buffalo Lodge in Nambour. With the great facilities that Suncoast Care has provided, such as the on-premises kitchen, the table and chairs, RRT was able to set up their preparations quickly. As the evenings are now starting to cool off, the RRT warmed the clients with a hot cup of homemade style pumpkin soup, as a delicious entrée.


The next course closely followed – a hotdog roll a barbequed sausage, topped with bacon, onion. Clients had the options of tomato, BBQ sauce and American Mustard.


Drinks were a choice of bottled water or various soft drinks. The final course of the meal, lemon tart with whipped cream, rounded out a delicious meal.


This event was attended by more than 35 people.  Everyone left happy and with their stomachs full.

The job of RRT in supporting the Suncoast Care team in their ‘Fight against Hunger’ was once again successfully completed.


RRT Nambour enjoy every minute of assisting those in the community who are in need, and working along with the longstanding and enthusiastic Suncoast Care management in this event. RRT Nambour is looking forward to being able to continue to support them at ongoing regular events in the future.

3 thoughts on “RRT Nambour continues work with Suncoast Care”

  1. EMB says:

    Well done, good your getting involved, the RRT definitely a good cause, keep it up, from the UK.

  2. sticks says:

    GO Nambour!!!

    Ya all doing a great job for the community!! God loves a cheerful giver!

  3. who says:

    Well done Nambour !!
    Thank you for giving some of your time for these poor people !
    How thankful they must have been. It would have bring back some smiles on their faces.
    This meal seems delicious !! Such a shame we couldn’t have it as well !!!!!

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