RRT Melbourne provides Pre-Christmas BBQ lunch to homeless

The Ozanam Community Centre, is a drop-in support centre and does outstanding work as a shelter for homeless and vulnerable people in the area.

For the second time this year, the Rapid Relief Team assisted the Ozanam Community Centre by providing the Pre-Christmas BBQ lunch to approximately 170 users of the centre on Friday 19th December 2014. The delicious lunch consisted of Hamburgers with all the fillings, fresh hot chips and soft drinks, and was followed by Marshmallow Santas for desert!

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It is tight for room at the Ozanum car park

It is tight for room at the Ozanum car park

The band sets up while while the food is being prepared

The band sets up while while the food is being prepared

The band in full swing

The band in full swing

The gleaming servery at Ozanum

The gleaming servery at Ozanum

Preparing the burgers for the servery

Preparing the burgers for the servery

Full house

Full house

Some preferred to eat outside closer to the music

Some preferred to eat outside closer to the music

Ozanum Christmas BBQ

40 thoughts on “RRT Melbourne provides Pre-Christmas BBQ lunch to homeless”

  1. Minnie Mouse says:

    Wow! Awesome job, guys! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. nz girl says:

    hey the band is awsum!! u guys r real good…….keep it up!

  3. pbccgirlie!!!...:-) says:

    btw, who are the band members….? theyre awesome… and theyre only abt my age… cool… go 4 it!!

  4. Kid says:

    sounds sick!!
    We don’t have enough of that sort of thing in England.

  5. freddo says:

    Nice to see two lovely fender amps. up with the hotrod deluxe.

  6. vern says:

    sorry about me drilling my ear it was so I could sing part
    is that ok????????

    1. Oww! says:

      Sure. If it helps that’s all that matters!! 🙂

      Excellent job!

    2. :) says:

      No problem! Sounds jolly good… 🙂

    3. hey says:

      awesome stuff vern!

      from your cuzzies in Gosford…!

    4. Rj says:

      nice vern….
      some other cousins from england 🙂

  7. Oww! says:

    My ear almost hurts just watching that guy drill into his ear with his finger the whole time…

    1. Gaz says:

      It’s a very common technique used by musos, it enables you to hear your own voice more clearly in a loud environment!

    2. ooooo says:

      Good on you gaz that’s true, maybe everyone can give up on drilling vern??

    3. ern says:

      yeah I now he must of had a seirisouly sour ear

  8. woopy says:

    i think the 3rd song is mercury blues…..but the did jingle bells and crocodile rock too….jingle bells was amazing….really had the crowd bopping!!!

  9. Georgey says:

    awesome band!!
    what is the name of the third song that was played?? thanks!

    1. firefly says:

      3rd song is ‘Mercury Blues’….

    2. ooooo says:

      I think the third song is mercury blues

      it goes:
      Breakfast In America
      Peaceful Easy Feeling
      Mercury Blues

    3. Helen says:

      I think the 3rd song is Mercury Blues….hope this helps…:)

    4. Georgey says:

      awesome thanks 🙂

  10. :) says:

    Vern is good at making faces! Thanks for doing a band.

    Well done RRT! Food looks delicious and I’m sure it was!

    Good Job and keep up your hard work, keep spreading your cheer and keep making others happy.

  11. Nameless says:

    Well Done … Great job
    Could we have the individual recordings for the songs?
    thanks …

  12. Giraffe says:

    Once again RRT AUS, you are streets ahead with RRT branded goods etc! Superb filming with a wide coverage of the event and it was great to hear a few old time songs!

  13. Blondie says:

    Brilliant work…. wish I could have been there.
    look forward to doing something like that in England sometime!!! 🙂

    1. nicas says:

      well, get on with it.

  14. dumbblonde says:

    Keep up the good work!?!??!:):):):):):)

  15. pbcc kid.... says:

    awesome…. luv the music.. any more recordings or vids??? keep it up… 🙂


    was it at a school? if so what one?

    1. just saying says:

      it says on the first line that it is a community center…just saying!!

  17. Wonder! says:

    Great work guyz….!!!
    food looks beutiful…and the music sounds swell!!!!
    Keep up the great work RRT….

  18. just wondering....?? says:

    Has Vern got earache??

    1. metallicus!! says:

      music was too loud…hence the aching ear!

    2. wondering as well... says:

      who are all the guys that played? are they from lilydale or boronia???

    3. oooooo says:

      Well… the are actually from both! Max (drums) is from Boronia and the rest are from Lilydale

    4. answer to your question says:

      the majority of the band members were from Lilydale, with the remaining from Boronia.
      this is subject to correction, though! 🙂

  19. Auntique says:

    Well done RRT Melbourne. You’ve not only provided sustenance – you have provided cheer and entertainment with kind and friendly faces. Now; if you could send some warm weather over to the eastern half of North America we could call it extended relief! I look at the photos of everyone in t-shirts and then look outside before deciding nah – too cold!

  20. Sil says:

    Well done…. you have again provided for the needy…The food was superb, and the music entertaining… Keep up the good work…

    1. @sil says:

      were u there? u said the food was great

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