RRT Lithgow and Bathurst help rescue team search on…

21 year old Sevak Simonian from Belrose in Sydney went missing at Kanangra-Boyd National Park over two weeks ago. Police and volunteer rescuers have been searching the rugged country side since Friday October 24.

On Tuesday 4th November Police rescuers requested RRT support as they could no longer rough it in the bush.

Sheer drop

Sheer drops

Much compassion is need for the parents of the missing boy.

Much compassion is needed for the parents of the missing boy.

Search Helicopters Scour the Rough Terraine and  Lower Rescuers into The Valley

Search Helicopters Scour the Rough Terrain and Lower Rescuers into The Valley


Kanangra Walls

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Kanangra Walls Search

21 thoughts on “RRT Lithgow and Bathurst help rescue team search on…”

  1. L! says:

    Well done RRT for your amazing input! Thoughts are certainly with the parents. Has Sevak been found yet?

  2. fred says:

    Did they ever find the boy?

  3. martin says:

    Heart goes out to parents, prayers are with you.

  4. sam says:

    hello was sevak ever found?

  5. worrywart says:

    Was Sevak ever found? Thanks for all your support to his parents!

  6. haha says:

    very good RRT
    thoughts go to parents

  7. Bob says:

    Wicked Keith!

  8. J2 says:

    Well done RRT. Thoughts go to the parents and pray that Sevak is found.

  9. We are wondering of this lad has been found.

    1. RRT Volunteer says:

      Sevak Simonian has still not been found.

    2. Cheryl says:

      RRT provided the last hot breakfast Monday 10th to the emergency and volunteer crew who had been searching in Kanangra Falls for the missing 21 year old.
      The search has now ended.

  10. bob says:

    “But we do know that all things work together for good to those who love God.” Romans 8:28

  11. piglet says:

    hey well done RRT yet again with your willing service.
    keep looking and have faith.
    for the parents, our prayers and thoughts are with you and your son, we hope he is found safe and well soon.

    God will not leave you in times of trouble, he will be right next to you in every step of the way…..

  12. a.reeves says:

    we really are eager to know whether the boy has been
    found fit and well.

  13. Compton WICEN says:

    Thanks so much for the fanstasitc serive you all provided. It was a welcome relief to have such great meals and friendly people on site to to support us. You are so well organsied and turned out!!

  14. Nic McLean says:

    Thanks people. I enjoyed your breakfast and take away lunch yesterday at the Kanangra Walls search. You can get a lot more done in a day if you don’t have to concern yourself with preparing a meal and washing up.
    We’ll done, you guys and gals are awesome.
    Service with a smile

  15. s says:

    its awesome u guys got asked to do it .

  16. phillip says:

    Great work RRT – thought and paryers go to the parent and I hope that the child is found


  17. Just me says:

    Good old RRT – always ready to drop tools and help! Has Sevak been found yet?

  18. CJ says:

    Thoughts and prayers go out to the parents – trust we have a positive outcome – glad the RRT can be of assistance.

  19. Bob says:

    Nice one guys!

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