RRT feeds search & rescue crews searching for missing man in Blue Mountains.

On Friday the 12th of December, a man from the Mt Riverview area of the Blue Mountains was reported to be missing. The Police were worried for the man’s welfare, due to the fact he had been missing since Tuesday and executed a search and rescue operation. This involved over 80 personnel including the police, NSW Rural Fire Brigade and State Emergency Services.  Aerial searches using a helicopter were also conducted in the hope of locating the missing man, and extensive searches continued throughout Saturday.

Lunch is prepared at the clearing

Lunch is prepared at the clearing

The first searchers arrive for lunch

The first searchers arrive for lunch

Lunch is served

Lunch is served

Briefing for the afternoon

State Emergency Service briefing for the afternoon

Back to work

Back to work

Followed by many more

Heading back to the search

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6 thoughts on “RRT feeds search & rescue crews searching for missing man in Blue Mountains.”

  1. biggles says:

    good one RRT KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. GO RRT GO! says:

    Great Job RRT! Keep it up! :)

  3. Charlotte says:

    Thank goodness they found his body so quickly – it would have been a long waiting time for his family all the same. And RRT once again saves the sanity of the emergency service personnel!

  4. pbcc member says:

    well done RRT!! Food looks good and the emergency crews look fed, satisfied and happy…all goals of RRT…

    On a side note, did they manage to find the man that was missing?

    1. todd says:

      pbcc member: If you click on ‘continue to read’ you’ll see it comes to a sad ending. Thinking of the family.

    2. luke says:

      yes they did.
      if you press continue to read you can find out more

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