RRT Ermington Quickly Changes from Proactive to Reactive

The Ermington Rapid Relief Team (RRT) were supporting a National Youth Week event at Granville on Wednesday 9th of April by providing a sausage sizzle for the young people attending the event, when they noticed a thick smoke plume on the horizon.

Plymouth Brethren Rapid Relief TEam

Within 15 Minutes of arriving at the scene, the RRT had set up a food trailer & begun feeding the crews

RRT Team Leaders quickly located & assessed the situation; it was a large fire about 4km away in Yennora at a factory used for wrecking vehicles.  Wrecked cars, tyres & automotive fluids were all engulfed in flames as the fire gathered momentum……..

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9 thoughts on “RRT Ermington Quickly Changes from Proactive to Reactive”

  1. i agree says:

    Well done guy’s
    that’s teriffic work your doing
    keep it up

  2. gP59 says:

    WOW…you lot must’ve had a busy evening!!!
    That’s some amount of kit you’ve got there!!!

  3. Maggie says:

    wow once again willing rrt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they do so much for everyone, what wonderful people

  4. Granny says:

    My word! Cooking ANOTHER load of sausages, after doing it all day. However many sausages did the RRT get through altogether?? They must have a good supply stashed away somewhere handy!! Good work all – those firemen sure deserve some refreshment.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A video would be good

    1. mee says:

      yes i agree……….and some spare bangers???!!!!:):) great work the rrt do time and time again

    2. sara leona says:

      love a vid…

    3. Squodge says:

      a video would be awesome, as they r doing such awesome work!

    4. nonamouse says:

      vid would be gr8 to go with the gr8 work that their doing

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