RRT Choir brightens elderly residents’ day……

During the recent October school holidays, 47 girls from the Western Sydney RRT Choir visited the Mountainview Nursing Home in Penrith.

It’s part of the RRT mission to express our care and compassion to the community, including those in places of care.

The RRT choir consists of 80 girls from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, aged between 12 and 18. They come from the Sydney, Kellyville, Penrith and Windsor local communities.

Plymouth Brethren - Mountainview 1

RRT choir and Mountainview residents gather in the dining room to watch the performance.

On the day of the visit, the stage was set up in the dining room of the Mountainview Nursing Home. Every song the choir sang received enthusiastic applause from the audience, with many of the residents and staff joining in to sing along with the girls. When they’d finished their set program, residents asked for an encore and of course, the girls were happy to oblige.

Following the performance, the girls handed out gift packs and chatted to residents. Many of them had such interesting life stories to tell — it was a real coming together of different generations.

Plymouth Brethren 2

Care and compassion shown to the elderly.

All the residents and staff were extremely grateful and very appreciative of the visit and the performance. Here are just a few of the comments the choir received on the day…

“Please come back again soon.”

“You have brightened my day, today.”

“Such young, happy faces with beautiful voices.”

“Amazing harmonising girls — keep it up!”

The girls thoroughly enjoyed their day out, meeting with members of the community, and they look forward to more visits to nursing homes in the future.

Plymouth Brethren - Mountainview 3

RRT choir girls chat to an elderly resident

Plymouth Brethren - Mountainview Home

Presenting a gift pack to one of the residents of Mountainview.

The RRT choir have asked us to extend their thanks and appreciation to the staff and residents of Mountainview. Also, a big thankyou to the girls’ parents and drivers, as well as the boys who assisted with the stage and the mixing, for giving up their time to help out on the day.


Plymouth Brethren - Mountainview Home

The girls grab a photo opportunity with a 103 year old resident.

Well done to the RRT Choir Girls for a fantastic effort!

Plymouth Brethren - Mountainview Home

47 girls from RRT choir perform at Mountainview Nursing Home in Penrith.


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  1. flabergasted!! says:

    Absolutely amazing!!! Great 2 listen to!
    Wish we did that sort of thing round here!!!

  2. Roots says:

    Have listened to it over and over, it gets better each time I hear it !!! Wish all nursing homes could enjoy the benefits of an RRT choir. Keep singing girls you are bringing relief to all who listen, God Bless You.

  3. really nice!! good singers……
    can´t you do some more.???
    We are from Sweden…

  4. Chan & Kez says:

    Good work girls!!! we love it!!

  5. Tja! says:

    very very good!!!

  6. Victoria says:

    great work girls, loved it so much!!! make sure u put more videos on of you next ones!!
    Keep it up!!

  7. interested says:

    What was included in the packs you handed out?
    We are just about to do a choir here and have a few ideas of what to include but just wondered what you had done.

  8. HH says:

    Lovely singing! What a One there is to sing about to bring peace in to our hearts.
    And what a prospect we have to look forward to ‘when the roll is called up yonder’!
    You never know how far your ‘singing message’ will go…keep it up!

  9. Anonymous says:

    well done everyone….

  10. L says:

    Beautiful! Even though some are songs that I have previously heard, different voices still make it sound like a new song!

  11. a little boy... says:

    …loves listening to this – about 10 times so far today, & still asking for more!!!!

  12. Pablo says:

    Keep going Girls its amazing!

    And just remember, even if some people don’t understand what your singing “All people smile in the same language”

    Look forward to the next recording.

  13. Frog says:

    These girls have got outstanding voices!!!…absolutely beautiful!!!…keep it up!!!

    1. boy uk says:

      I can do that to

  14. JO says:

    Is it possible to have the whole version of above all??
    Brillant sining
    We do the same here, we are only 12! Still we all love it
    Thank you!

    1. LYN says:



    2. singNsmile says:

      I agree……a full recording pleez…….vv good 🙂

  15. :) says:

    Well done girls ! Absolutely awesome !!!!!!!
    You have brightened our day !!!!!
    Thanx sooooooooo much !!
    Good luck for the next one !!!

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