RRT Berwick VIC drives Transit Soup Kitchen Plans

The Transit Soup Kitchen is a charitable organisation based in Narre Warren – a south-eastern suburb of Melbourne.  Run by the Narre Warren Christian Church, the soup kitchen receives minimal funding from the government. Instead, the generosity and charity of the community are the reasons this vital service continues.

Approximately 200 marginalised and disadvantaged citizens are served hot meals three times a week at the church. The charity distributes a further $15,000 of food and groceries per month to struggling families in the region.

Wanting to support this noble cause, the Berwick RRT organised a fundraising day on the charity’s behalf.

Signs posted by RRT

Signs posted by RRT

Plymouth Brethren Rapid Relief Team

Setting Up in Richies cark park

Plymouth Brethren Rapid Relief team

The smile comes for free

Rapid RelIef Team Plymouth Brethren

RRT BBQ trailer with everything required inside.

Plymouth Brethren Rapid Relief Team

A great result

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8 thoughts on “RRT Berwick VIC drives Transit Soup Kitchen Plans”

  1. Alex says:

    what a lovely sizzle ritchie

    1. ;-D says:

      Yup – an Aussie delicacy – everyone needs a sizzle richie!

  2. Kitty says:

    some yummy food can i come

  3. youdnevaguesswho?? says:

    Is that why Andre and Ryan weren’t at school?…haha! Good job!

  4. Charlotte says:

    Way to go Berwick! Love the smiles on everyone’s faces!

  5. Jeanette says:

    Well done Berwick RRT – looks really tasty! You had some great cooks when I was there in 2005 – looks like you’re adding to the talent pool.

  6. sensible me. says:

    Great job – food kitchens for the homeless are real lifts to these people – I’ve served in one before.

  7. what a great suasage sizzle which i was there

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