RRT – BARGO OVAL – Photo Gallery

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Bargo Oval

RRT Bargo Oval  - first night, the fire in the background.

Plymouth Brethren - Bago RRT

Bargo RRT - Lunchtime - Fresh Salad, Meat Rolls and Fruit, sweets and cold drinks

Plymouth Brethren - Bago RRT

Bargo RRT Lunchtime

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Bargo

Bargo RRT - thankyou Bargo Residents for helping out and providing so much yummy food

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Bargo

RRT Bargo - RFS Helibase for water bombing - being fueled up

Plymouth Brethren - Bargo RRT

Chopper with water bucket

Plymouth Brethren - Bargo RRT

Panorama View of Bargo RRT

Plymouth Brethren - Bargo RRT

RRT Bargo with Barry O’Farrell and Jai Rowel

Plymouth Brethren - Bargo RRT

Midnight feast

Plymouth Brethren - Bargo RRT

Firies feed up after a long day



4 thoughts on “RRT – BARGO OVAL – Photo Gallery”

  1. Mick Webber says:

    Thank you for your tireless efforts looking after all of us during the Hall Rd Fires, it was an absolute pleasure returning to the staging areas for a hot coffee, hot food and just talking with you. Very much appreciated.Outstanding job!!
    Oakdale Brigade (Night Shift)

  2. Lesley CAmpbell says:

    Words cannot express our appreciation of your services and time for the last two weeks. You are the most amazing people for giving up your time and lives to serve the fire fighters, support people and pilots during the recent Yanderra fires. The firefighters have never been fed so good. After spending long hours on the fire line doing what they enjoy to come back to the staging areas to find happy smiling faces with hot meals and more food than they could eat. This is the happiest I have seen alot of them. To you nothing was too much trouble, always with a smile… As I said in the beginning you are amazing and words cannot thank you enough for what you did for us… THANK YOU…

  3. isabelle says:

    Shout if you need a hand – we would be really keen to help… the problem is the cost of flights from UK!!!! that’s the only thing that’s between the two of us – we really are supporting you in every step you take PBCC!

  4. Anne says:

    The photos are impressive – wish we could come and give a hand. Would love to learn how to coordinate and RRT and be available to those in need

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