RRT Assist Sydney & Melbourne Ride to Conquer Cancer

Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park

It is an alarming fact that one in two Australians will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85. This means that this potentially deadly disease is likely to touch every one of us at some point in our lives.

The RRT recently attended the Ride to Conquer Cancer. The ride, on 11th October 2014 was from the Sydney Olympic Park to the Hawkesbury River at Windsor. The 2-day event, involved a 100km ride each day. This ride wasn’t just for athletes, but for anyone who wanted to challenge themselves for the cause.

Marshaling at the start line

Marshaling at the start line

A young cancer survivor inspired the riders  with his gripping story of his fight for life after he endured a double marrow transplant. “There is no giving up – fight to the end!”

A young cancer survivor inspires the riders to ride with him.

A young cancer survivor inspires the riders to ride with him and not to give up.

RRT volunteers marshaled all along the way

Route Marshaling

RRT encourages Keep going!

Keep going!

RRT assists at the rest stop

Rest and comfort stop.

RRT provides chilled water for  the rest stop.

More chilled water is on its way

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11 thoughts on “RRT Assist Sydney & Melbourne Ride to Conquer Cancer”

  1. DavidM says:

    As one who was given 9 months to live, without Cancer treatment, I say thank God for the Doctors & Nurses who give such unselfish treatment and thanks to the PBCC and all who support them.

  2. BTW says:

    That must have been so much fun!!!
    Was there a recording taken of the man’s speech?

  3. Llew says:

    Great Job!
    These fundraising events must be a vital source of funding for research & cures for cancer.
    Apparently 1,623 riders attended!

  4. piggy says:

    this looks kinda cool

    pretty aswome

  5. 2TinLegs says:

    Brilliant effort — imagine biking in that heat! Guess the water was the most welcome item

  6. biggles says:

    keep it up from biggles

  7. Desib says:

    Nice work RRT Aus!
    Can we have some of your weather for our next event!

    1. Ozzie says:

      It’s good weather, but that sun does contribute to some types of cancer that are prevalent here!

  8. Charlotte says:

    Go RRT Oz! I see we have a top notch example to follow (when we get there!)
    How much finance was raised?

    1. helpful says:

      Lots 🙂

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