Plymouth Brethren RRT

Members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church since its earliest days have been involved in supporting and serving local communities.

The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) has been formed by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) to more efficiently coordinate support for local communities globally.

Plymouth Brethren - Nathalia Sandbagging

All in for Sandbagging – Nathalia 2012

The RRT mission statement is; “Supporting Local Communities in Times of Need.

It is manned by volunteers, a high proportion of which are young men and women ready to sacrifice time, energy and money to serve their local communities indiscriminately in times of need.

Plymouth Brethren - Bundaberg 2013

RRT Serve the Crews – Bundaburg 2013

The main focus is but not limited to; catering for emergency crews, providing food and support for the community.  Some of these events and testimonials have been loaded to the PBCC websites,https://www.theplymouthbrethren.org/ and http://www.theplymouthbrethren.org.uk/ .

Plymouth Brethren - Christchurch

Mid-night feast – Australian Police at Christchurch 2011

Many from all walks of life have experienced RRT assistance and have expressed their sincere gratitude. RRT volunteers consider it a privilege to be involved in a coordinated team effort in this way and take the opportunity to thank all those who have made donations.

Plymouth Brethren - Christchurch

Singapore USAR Teams being fed during the night – Christchurch 2011

RRT Contact Details

Phone: 1300 858 208

Website: www.rapidreliefteam.org


13 thoughts on “RAPID RELIEF TEAM”

  1. Locky Patterson says:

    My family have been very touched by the generosity and compassion shown by the Rapid Relief Team. The team had heard about our one and a half year old high-needs daughter and some of the difficulties we were facing as a result of massive family upheaval, including a child that cannot regulate her own body temperature. We were approached and asked how the team could help us in any way. We have been living in an old house without any heating, so we asked if it was possible to have something done about this. A high quality split system air conditioner was installed as a result of our request. Now our family are enjoying a much more comfortable home this winter and our daughter is much safer and less likely to become sick as a result of respiratory issues. Thank you so much! You have made a huge difference to our lives.

  2. Mark Bolton says:

    A big thankyou for your efforts during the Bushfires in the Eastern Hills Perth last January. I am now studying Emergency Management and how groups such as RRT integrate into the response. We were very impressed at how organised and autonomous your people were. We still marvel at how effective your contribution was.

  3. Amanda says:

    A massive thank you to the RRT in Stawell, Victoria at 3am 18/01/14. I have never been so grateful for a meal at 3am after fighting fires in the Grampians. They supplied us with much need food, drinks and kind words. A true godsend. Thank you

  4. Roy says:

    The rapid releif team has recently set up a devision in Perth – Western Australia……im so happy to have been given the priveledge of becoming a member of the team…cant wait to help out!!..thanks to all those that have already joined the team….the reports on your work are fabulous!!….keep enthused, keep motivated and God will bless you for you efforts!!….He loves a “cheerful giver” so put effort into it and be happy and enthusiastic about what you’re doing!!

  5. N says:

    I believe the RRT also helped out in some fierce bushfires in NSW, Australia this week (September 10, 11 and 12 in various fires). Well done, and thank you for your services!

  6. Egbirt says:

    Hello, I believe the Brethren did an RRT at a fire in Indianapolis on Saturday/Sunday 15/16 June. Any information on this – is there going to be a article published???

  7. OAR says:

    Why did you change it from Rapid Response to Rapid Relief Team?
    Just interested

    1. Admin 2 says:

      The word “Response” was changed to “Relief” as it better represents the RRT mission. Typically, the emergency service and first-responder type organisations use slogans like ‘Rapid Response”.

  8. Ranonymous says:

    Just heard about the tornadoes in Oklahama, US. What can we do to help those poor people?

  9. Jason03 says:

    Only a fraction of the story of the Christchurch activity by the Brethren Church has been told. When are you going to write a book about it? Or do a film?

  10. Charles says:

    I know the Church likes to keep a low profile, but there nothing wrong in telling everyone about these sort of good works! It is Christianity in practise and would inspire others to do the same.

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