Rapid Relief Team Report – Winmalee/Springwood Operation – 17th October 2013 – Updated 19/10/13


Facts & Figures:

  •  Initially 2 RRT refreshment points setup up.  Approx 5pm.  Approx 12 PB deployed. Serving sausages in rolls, water & soft drinks, hot drinks.
  • 1 setup at main road near roadblock to serve waiting motorists… other at local shopping centre serving emergency crews.
  • Made contact with Logistics’ controller who gave us space at Winmalee Fire Station around 8pm. Combined both RRT units into one.
  • Served sausages in rolls, RRT water, soft drinks, tea/coffee, cakes to approx. 300 crew  Team of 8 PB.  Approx 8pm- 12pm.
  • 12pm-5am – Served steak sandwiches/sausages on rolls throughout this time. Delivered batch steaks to Mt Wilson.
  • New shift 5am. 5 PB serving Bacon & Egg rolls served to approx. 300 between 5am-8am.
  • Slight shift change at 8am.
  • Plan is to continue offering food/drinks throughout the day. Still many crews working to contain fires plus investigation units into burnt out residences.
  • Much appreciation from all crews and depts.
  • Had brief talk to new reporters giving brief run down on who RRT is.
  • As well as huge quantities of food provided by the PBCC, we have had very generous donations by: Coles Winmalee/Woolworths Penrith/Butchery 
  • Brethren involved between 5pm Thursday to current (10am Fri) – 22 persons  (some there for all shifts).


  •   Incident controller from Blue Mtns – “We appreciate everything you’ve done and doing.
  • Can’t thank you enough” Rung back since and asked if we could stay on today.
  •  Community residents:  That is such a wonderful community service, sorry only small but like to donate this $20 to you”.  Another neighbour brought  across batch of cakes”
  •  Fireman and Firewoman – “Oh we recognise your face from Wentworthville last week.  Glad you’re back!”


Update for Winmalee Saturday 19/10/13

  • RRT Night shift finished at 4am.  New shift arrived.
  • Served Bacon & Egg Rolls to approx 350 crew between 5.30 and 10am
  • Drinks, hot drinks and cakes, and other refreshments throughout the morning.
  • New RRT lunch/tea crew arrived at 11.30am.
  • Ready to serve 150 crew for lunch.  With the increase of fires in the immediate area, this number suddenly increased to 460 crew!  We suddenly had to source more food from every direction!!
  • To add to this, Coles Winmalee, who has been very generous in supplying many needs for our meals, were evacuated just prior to this.  We had to rely on RRT members getting supplies from Penrith, Richmond, Blacktown and other locations to source our food.
  • Burgers and steak sandwiches served between 12pm and 5pm to 460 crew.  160 of these were delivered to Chapman Parade frontline crew and 120 to Mt Riverview frontline.
  • Springwood Hospital was evacuated during the afternoon.  Sudden flareups of fires around the Springwood & Winmalee area called for further fire crews from different areas.
  • During the afternoon, a cooler room full of food was VERY generously delivered to the RRT site.   This food and drink provided in this was a great help in adding to our dwindling supplies.
  • All day we had a continuous flow of donations of food, drinks, supplies to the RRT setup from many local residents.  This was very kind and we’d like to thank those persons for their thoughtfulness and generosity.
  • For tea, we served chicken burgers/hot dogs to approx another 380-400 crew.
  • A new RRT shift took over at 8.30pm to provide assistance until 4.30am.
  • RRT teams also delivered extra hot food and drinks to the crews working on the frontline that could not take the time to get back to base during the shift.
  • This continued with a new RRT from 8.30pm until 4.30am.

We’d like to extend a VERY BIG thankyou to the neighbours and community for their donations of food and supplies.

Also, would like to thank the RFS for providing their location and ALL the emergency crews for their appreciation.

Plymouth Brethren - Winmalee Fires

Serving to Crews Frontline

Plymouth Brethren - Winmalee Fires

Egg & Bacon Rolls to Crews –

Plymouth Brethren - Winmalee Fires

Serving to the Frontline at

Plymouth Brethren - Winmalee Fires

6am Breakfast

Plymouth Brethhen - Winmalee Fires

First set-up point 5-10pm


Plymouth Brethren - Winmalee Fires

Sean – Thank you

46 thoughts on “Rapid Relief Team Report – Winmalee/Springwood Operation – 17th October 2013 – Updated 19/10/13”

  1. Glen - SES says:

    Fantastic work done by the RRT. Great food & they couldn’t be more helpful. Very much appreciated.

  2. Sonny says:

    Hi guys
    You have all done so well.
    Big thanks to the big fella on Thursday night – hope I catch up with you some time.

  3. Dave Boxwell says:

    As a fellow christian and a firefighter along with my 3 sons also firefighters we truly are thankful for the wonderful friendly and efficient team that have provided thousands of meals and you even brought your own bulk water carrier. Nothing is too much trouble for you guys and girls. Even when we helped you relocate to Faulconbridge which would have been a major inconvenience there was no complaints only efficient organised hard work and smiles. Fantastic effort and well done. Micah 6:8

  4. Jackson D says:

    To the open-handed, bighearted rrt group, you guys are the BEST, you are the ones who fortified us and kept our spirits high during the tenacious firestorm conditions.


  5. DeeJay says:

    How do I start…this is the most amazing thing…very much the outshining of the Love of Jesus Christ shown in the hard work and efforts of all these people – RRT, firefighters, paramedics, police and ALL those who are involved in this work. KEEP IT UP!! There are those around the globe, both PBCC and non-PBCC, who are praying for you all!

  6. Awsome says:

    wonderful and selfless work by all……it’s just amazing!
    keep it up everyone 🙂
    a special thank you to all those hard working firefighters!
    and well done RRT team and all the selfless comunity for supporting them!

  7. cheeseball says:

    thank you RRT
    great work keep it up

  8. Joe says:

    Really amazing butr scary to. just received a mail this am with amazing pics. trully amazing. they say it’s the worst one ever happened. woest than Black saturday!!! wow! poor them. we wish we could do something for ya dear collegues! anyway we’ll keep praing. Keep up the good work guys, blessing will sson be there for ya.
    Be of good courage……

  9. Seppo says:

    Thanks for the work you guys do. I’m just back from another overnight and your team (this time in Faulconbridge, last shift was your team in Winmalee) was spectacular.

    We spent hours scaling goat-country chasing down small hot spots, only to get doused in cold rain. Having not only hot coffee, but hot food waiting for us in the recovery center meant more to us than you can possibly imagine.

  10. anony-mouse says:

    Do you want us to ship out some water to you? We’ve got plenty of rain here in the UK!!

    1. Laurence says:

      Brilliant unselfish service, keep it up we are praying for you all out there.

  11. pbcc kiddie!! says:

    hey gr8 work all you rrt members, and especially firemen and women.
    everyone appreciates ur hard work and selfless attitude.
    at the mo, the rain is tipping down in UK and Ireland, would love to give it to u in exchange for some sun! (leave the fires tho)
    keep it up everyone, we’re praying for u.

  12. Ken says:

    Well done, we are thinking and praying for all those working so hard. We are praying for rain. The fire fighters need this support, keep up the good work. Love to you all.

  13. Shaun - NSW Police says:

    Great people and great food. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thankyou for supporting the emergency services and local community.

  14. Josh says:

    You guys and girls are a blessing to the community. Being out on the fireground and to come in to find you guys standing there with a smile and a steak sanger is awesome! Thank you

  15. happy says:

    or do you mean…RAPID relief team??..
    good work anyway everyone! 🙂

  16. congratz.... :) says:

    Awesome work EVERYONE, rrt, firefighters and other awesome volunteers!
    Your service is very much appreciated!
    Thank you v. much

  17. Scott - NSW Ambulance says:

    Wonderful team of people, thank you so much for your time and food.

  18. Keith - RFB Regentville says:

    Great work guys and gals. Good food and great service.

  19. Kathy - Dangar Island Brigade says:

    WOW! Great food, great service.

  20. Jeremy - NSW Ambulance says:

    Awesome serve, great food and friendly, selfless staff! Well done!!! 

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