Rapid Relief Team Report – Picton/Bargo/Tahmoor Operation – 17th October 2013


Facts & Figures:

  •  What was the main operation: The residents from Bargo and the surrounding area were evacuated at about 3pm. They came to the Picton Main Hall and the Tahmoor sports oval. 
  • How many people were cared for: We cared for 250 at the Main Hall. 
  • What food was provided: There was; cooked chicken pieces, hot chips, sausage sizzle, salad, cakes, biscuits, cold drinks, coffee & tea, water.


 1.   Pru Goward—(State Minister for Community Services) after she arrived and introduced— “this is a wonderful setup and you people are doing an excellent job. We can’t thank you enough.”

 2.   Jai Rowell—(State Member for Wollondilly) “this is excellent. Well co-ordinated and we didn’t have to tell you what we wanted—you have just done it and done it extremely well. This is a tremendous effort for the community. We certainly appreciate the willingness to let us use your Church. It has wonderful amenities. Your young people are wonderful, polite, respectful and beautiful. We had no idea how well the Church has been built and so well designed. We didn’t have anywhere to put these people till Ben (Noble) rang and offered help. This is above and beyond our expectations.”

3.   General Publicwe can’t thank you enough. The food was wonderful. Organised so quickly and professionally. We thought you people were a sect—but this isn’t what a sect would do, this is what Christianity is. We are very impressed. The young people are so nice and polite, helpful, respectful, happy and caring. We didn’t even know you existed but we will remember what you have done for the community. No one has ever helped the community like this before.”

4.   The Mayor (Ben Banasik)I don’t know how to thank you- please come to the council chambers on Monday evening so we give you a presentation at the chambers.”

We had comments like how organised we were as we had only found out at around 3 pm.

The food is beautiful and you are so kind to come and do this for us” – fire-fighters

“You are little Angels” from residents to Courtney.

“We are going to use the brethren for every disaster we have, this is amazing!” –  From the fire-fighter support chief.

Plymouth Brethren - Picton Fires

Picton PBCC Church Hall Evacuation Point

Plymouth Brethren - Picton Fires

Picton Church PBCC Hall open for evacuatees

Plymouth Brethren - Picton Fires

Dinner served at Picton Church Hall

Plymouth Brethren - Picton Fires

Relax in safety at Picton hall

Plymouth Brethren - Picton Fires

RRT serve at Tahmoor sports oval

Plymouth Brethren - Picton Fires

RRT delivers water to motorists that had been stranded on the Hume Hwy for 5 hours.

42 thoughts on “Rapid Relief Team Report – Picton/Bargo/Tahmoor Operation – 17th October 2013”

  1. S says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

    Feeling for those who has lost loved ones and their homes…

  2. Nathan Grundy says:

    I can not thank you all enough, the food and how helpful you all are, it was great to come away from a fire to happy smiling faces who could not do enough to make sure us fire fighters were looked after and fed.

    Thank you again

    Nathan Grundy
    Deputy Captain Bargo VRFB

  3. keepsafe says:

    Thank you to the emergency workers for giving it their best to keep us all safe! Great job RRT – you couldnt be doing anything better! To everyone who has bee affected by yhese fires- remember Jesus is only a prayer away!

  4. Paul Rogers - RFS Bargo says:

    The Guys and Girls from the Plymouth Brethren Church or as they are known Rapid Relief Team are absolutely amazing. During our bushfire crisis in Bargo they fed us around the clock. The food we received from them was the best food this firefighter has ever got whilst on a fire. But it was not just the food the atmosphere created by their group was excellent, nothing was a problem for these people and they would even bring food to you (like some of those fantastic deserts!) I think all firefighters appreciate a good meal after a tuff day on the ground and that is exactly what we received a great feed and somewhere to relax and lament the days events.
    We still can’t believe they even delivered us food to our station on the Thursday evening, the preparedness of these people is just unbelievable.
    Crews from all over the Sydney basin speak highly of the feeding at the Bargo staging ground.
    We only hope that Rapid Relief team are able to come to all major events in future and provide us with catering.
    Sincerely our thanks for providing us with the greatest catering ever.

    Paul Rogers
    Community Engagement Officer Bargo RFS

  5. Joel says:

    Thank you so much for all you’re doing in Aussie !
    Just heard that a firefighter pilot was killed today…
    Praying for you all !

    A French PBCC

    1. Pinkerton says:

      A poor daughter losing her father

  6. Spangle says:

    Praying for you all, and hoping that you get some rain soon.
    Take care, and stay safe!

    1. anony-mouse says:

      Let us all know when you get rain…

  7. Me... says:

    Keep up the good work!!! Try a roast dinner next time….!!!

  8. Auntique says:

    I would gladly send the rain that is inundating us but have and will continue to send many prayers for those fighting the fires or helping in any way. Thank you to all the emergency service workers for the long hours you are putting in as well as the dangerous job you are doing. Thank you RRT for the relief effort which obviously is bolstering the spirits of the community and workers. We’ll keep praying for less wind, lower temps and enough but not too much rain!

  9. John Davy says:

    thanks boys for all youse are doin, glad to do what we can. hope you enjoyed the e&b rolls!! keep up the good work

  10. Youngun says:

    Firefighters deserve all the help they can get.

  11. graham says:

    awesome work guys
    keep it up

  12. John Merritt says:

    I have been a recipient of your hospitality at the Wilton fire staging area over the last several days. Well done to all your people for such a great example of practical Christianity. The Australian culture is (generally) so skeptical of Christian faith, but your people showed love and kindness by being there to keep us fed…and fed so very well.

    I heard many very curious and though provoking comments amongst the firies as we sat and observed.

    Well done! and Thank you for your efforts.

  13. A.N.Other Ozzie Fireman says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  14. Kathleen says:

    Awesome work RRT!
    Keep it up!!!!

  15. P. J. M says:

    its great to hear it Gavin. keep up the good work!

  16. Smiley says:

    Awesome work RRT!!
    You do a great job for the community!
    Keep up the incredible service…

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