Rapid Relief Team Report – Lithgow Operation – 17th October 2013


Facts & Figures:


RRT fed tea on Thursday night to approx. 300 + Emergency Workers, This included sandwiches, sausage, onion, steak, fruit, cookies, muffins & drinks.

Mobile units refreshed the emergency crews at roadblocks, staging points etc. Many crews had not eaten for 6 hours, and were very thankful.

RRT erected & made up 100 beds at the community centre, assisted Lions Club with cooking, shopping & labour. Friday Breakfast fed 100, lunch yet to be confirmed. This included bacon and egg rolls, hash browns, steak and onion, muffins & drinks.

Bulk Water; 22 000L tank, multiple mobile units assisted with refilling between 30 – 50 tankers into last night, running errands etc.

Approximately 90+ Brethren involved, Lithgow, Katoomba & Bathurst – being on roster.

Mobile fire-fighting units utilised for mopping up and protection of  property. 


Comments from Police, RFS, NSW Fire Brigade, Lions Club, Citizens, & Council – see comment below from the Mayor:

“Maree Stratham spoke to me this morning. She has included in her talkback this morning on 2BS,

2LT & ABC radio about the efforts of the RRT and Plymouth Brethren. She was impressed with the children working with their mums preparing the accommodation and the young girls preparing & packing meals. Maree is awaiting the NSW Premier to arrive in town shortly.”

Her quote this morning was;

What the RRT and Plymouth Brethren have done and are doing is absolutely outstanding and an honour to them. It’s above the call of duty and on behalf of the Lithgow residents she is most grateful that so many were willing to volunteer their time. Outstanding job!”

Bill from Lions Club said as we were going last night, fantastic people to work with”.

Plymouth Brethren - Lithgow Fires

Ken – Thank you


Plymouth Brethren - Lithgow Fires

RRT assists fireies with bulk water

Plymouth Brethren - Lithgow fires

Filling up the fire trucks

Plymouth Brethren - Lithgow Fires

RRT serves food at community hall

Plymouth Brethren - Lithgow Fires

RRT 22000L bulk water tank in service

28 thoughts on “Rapid Relief Team Report – Lithgow Operation – 17th October 2013”

  1. Great job! You have honoured our Father with your service and approach.
    The Billy Graham Rapid Response Chaplains were working at Springwood in the recovery. great to see the followers of Jesus Christ serving the community in all circumstances
    Keep it up

  2. Someone says:

    one of the first questions asked by the firies was “Why are these guys all smiling?”…

  3. Pam says:

    The rrt people were / are just amazing in Lithgow, I am a CFA member and the rrt people treated us all as if we were royalty while we were there last week fighting the fires. They went out of their way to cater for everyone, I am gluten free and they even catered for me,,:) VERY VERY IMPRESSED with U all… Regardless what time we rocked in to the dinning room all the rrt crew always had a smile on their face’s and always so polite…. I thank you all for taking amazing care of ” ALL OUR NEED’S” The BRETHREN are the hero’s…

  4. Karl says:

    while i was there i met up with a former police officer from 10 years ago, he told me to come in and see these rrt guys, ” there those Brethren people, mate they know how to do it”
    Well done Diggers

  5. Spud says:

    And very glad to do so too!

  6. Operator says:

    A big thank you goes out the the crews of the RTS for their generous and much appreciated assistance during the Lithgow fires. Bringing ice cold drinks, sandwiches and fruit they made a difficult job that a little easier knowing these things were on hand to keep us going.

    Can’t thank you enough
    Combined Volunteer Rescue Squads

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