Queensland 2010/2011: Plymouth Brethren Respond to Double Tragedy.

Between Dec.2010 and Feb.2011, coastal areas of the State of Queensland, Australia were subjected to unprecedented rains and flooding, followed closely by tropical Cyclone ‘Yasi’.  Both events brought untold havoc & tragedy to Queensland communities that lay in their paths.

In response to this tragedy and out of compassion for the sufferings of humanity, the Plymouth Brethren community in Australia, applied for, and received accreditation, to conduct Fund Raising on behalf of the Queensland Government’s –  Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal – the authority responsible for administering relief to the persons and communities affected.

Over the next few months, Brethren contributed a total of AU$ 1,423,628 to the Appeal.  Substantial  donations were contributed from  Brethren members in New Zealand and the UK, incl. AU$ 3,294 from the students of Brownberrie Primary School,  Boston Spa, Wetherby UK.

The Brethren contribution received many expressions of gratitude, incl. from the Queensland Premier.

Brethren from the local communities affected, also assisted in other ways, including the massive clean-up, see –


PBCC - Brisbane floods  Car pile ups

PBCC - Rocklea Under Water

PBCC Premier Letter

QLD Premier Letter


PBCC QLD Premiers Disaster Relief Thanks

QLD Premiers Disaster Relief Thanks


5 thoughts on “Queensland 2010/2011: Plymouth Brethren Respond to Double Tragedy.”

  1. Holly, says:

    The Lord also ‘loveth a generous giver’

  2. ME says:

    Very amazing, incredible efforts and time by the PBCC…..

  3. sarah says:

    good work your amazing

  4. Paul says:

    Certainly Gutted,
    The Brethren go by scripture and scripture says “…it is more blessed to give than receive”

  5. gutted says:

    very reassuring to know that there are people out there that are committed to just giving.

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