QLD PBCC raise $260,000.00 for flood affected persons through book publication & sales.

On Monday the 25th of February the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in Brisbane conducted a presentation to donate $260,000.00 to various charities. The source of these funds being profits generated from the sale of the “FLOOD HORROR and TRAGEDY”  book. This outstanding book  was published by a team of  Brethren Volunteers, featuring  the Queensland 2011 floods.

PBCC - Pic 11_Eagle St Pier

Plymouth Brethren members were deeply moved by the extent of this tragedy. The loss of life, enormity of  the damage, loss of possessions and the disruption to family lives and businesses drew out compassion and sympathy. Titus Ch3 v 4 speaks of God’s kindness and love to man, which inspired them to form a large team of eager volunteers to produce the Flood Horror and Tragedy book as a major fundraiser to assist people in their desperate circumstances.


The hardcover, coffee-table style volume totals over 300 full-colour pages, featuring first-hand accounts and amazing photographs of the floods, and extensive data on weather patterns.  The 76 individual stories portray incredible strength in adversity, and amazing human resilience, with the victims drawing strength from human kindness, faith and family.

All profits generated are now donated to charities that have assisted and continue to assist in this time of great need, to support the survivors with rebuilding their lives.

This publication is still available from the website:  www.floodhorrorandtragedy.com.au.

Charities who received donations on the 25th of February 2013:
Cheque Presentation - Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross – $60,000.00

Cheque Presentation - Alexandra Research

Princesses Alexandra Research Foundation – $50,000.00

Cheque Presentation - Mater Hospital

Mater Hospital Foundation – $50,000.00

Cheque Presentation

Emergency Management QLD – Helicopter Rescue – $50,000.00
(funds being forwarded on to Bundaberg Relief)

Cheque Presentation - Flying Dr

Royal Flying Doctor Service (R.F.D.S.)- $50,000.00

Further donations are imminent, with significant amounts of money going right to the flood affected areas of the community where there is still a need for funds to help rebuild persons lives.

The presentation on the morning of the 25th of February was enjoyed by all. The inclement weather, very topical for such an event, held off for the duration of the occasion, while speeches were made and refreshments were served.

PBCC Cheque Presentation Morning Tea

PBCC - PA letter of thanks FHT funds


PA letter of thanks FHT funds

PBCC - Governor General Thanks

Thank you Message from the Governor-General

PBCC - Governor-General Bryce

PBCC - Mater Foundation Letter

Mater Foundation Letter

Plymouth Brethren - RFDS Letter



Letter from RFDS

Plymouth Brethren - Red Cross Letter 001

Plymouth Brethren -Red Cross letter 002

Red Cross Letter_001

Red Cross Letter_002

Plymouth Brethren - Red Cross Certifcate

Red Cross Certificate

Plymouth Brethren - PA Research Letter

PA Research Letter

Plymouth Brethren - PA Research Certificate

PA Research Certificate

15 thoughts on “QLD PBCC raise $260,000.00 for flood affected persons through book publication & sales.”

  1. Ipswich says:

    This publication is second to none. Awesome effort from the Plymouth Brethren. Good work and I hope to see more great work from the team in the future.

    1. Aldeburgh says:

      btw i know ipswich….. fab comments, and i totally agree!!!! fantastic effort

  2. Wendy says:

    alot of effort would have been put in this book
    ♥ Wendy

  3. Sam says:

    Well done PBCC, just another example of how they help in such huge ways, this book is just incredible i recommend to everyone..

  4. Earlybird says:

    Another amazing publication for a similar cause from the PBCC: http://www.blacksaturdaysfirestorm.com.au (This website even has a photo of Prince William looking at the book!)

    Truly incredible! And all for charity…

    1. ME says:

      yes, a truly amazing book, with many incredible stories!!!

  5. Grace says:

    Thanks guys, this book is a wonderful contribution to our bookshelves and reminds us of the positive outcomes we can achieve, working together in the face of disaster and loss. A heartfelt thank you to the brethren community and all those who purchased the book and thus made the donations possible.

    1. Maree says:

      Fully Agree Grace, it’s amazing how so many people have bought this book to make these large donations possible. These Charitable organizations, and many others, play an amazing role in our society and need our support to be there for the future… who knows what disaster the future holds?

  6. Unknown says:

    This book is one incredible book, I recommend it to everyone!!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      I agree there…. very good publication.

  7. Daryl | Flood Book Team says:

    To my knowledge the book is not commercially available outside of Australia.
    You can purchase a book off the website http://www.floodhorrorandtragedy.com.au. On the purchase a book page there is a link at the top right for “online overseas orders”

    1. Anonymous says:

      I would buy one if I was you, everyone!!

    2. D says:

      Thanks for your help Daryl.
      I see from the website you mention that this is not the first set of donations that have been made from the sale of this book. Long may it continue!
      One only has to look at the posts on this site for February to see that flooding is an ongoing issue and that for some the suffering continues. Every book sold would have to increase awareness of this, a major contribution in itself.

  8. D says:

    The first-hand accounts in this book are amazing.
    Is it available outside of Oz, Admin?

  9. C says:

    What a great way to both remind all Australians what these catastrophes mean for those directly involved, warn others ahead of time, and provide much needed funds toward recovery!

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