Project Promise

So what is Project Promise? This appeal, carried out by the Northland Community Foundation (NCF), is the largest project that has ever been undertaken by a community foundation in New Zealand. Starting on March 19th 2010, their aim was to raise $3,000,000 in three years, to build a new Oncology/Cancer treatment centre at Whangarei hospital in New Zealand. The proposed centre will provide day-stay cancer treatment and related nursing and support services.

Plymouth Brethren Westmount School

Westmount Kaipara Campus

The senior students at Westmount Kaipara School in Northland, New Zealand, decided to raise money for this worthy appeal. Each year, the Maungaturoto-based School’s Student Executive Committee organises various charitable fundraising programmes. Projects have included Northland Rescue helicopter ($10,000), Canterbury Earthquake Appeal ($2,705) and the Philippines Typhoon Appeal ($6,600).

In 2013, the twenty year 11 to 13 students from the Student Executive spent six weeks telemarketing businesses and members of the Plymouth Brethren Community for donations toward the project. As Chief Executive, Jeff Wearmouth said; ‘These students are well aware of the trauma that cancer sufferers go through. There are young people in the area suffering from the disease, who the students know well.’

Following the conclusion of this fundraiser, Liz Woodward, manager of the Northland Community Foundation came to Westmount Kaipara .

Plymouth Brethren New Zealand

Student executive with Liz Woodward presenting the cheque

The students presented her with a cheque of $27,000 which they had managed to collect. She commented that she was ‘simply blown away when she heard what the students had achieved.’ This was the second donation from a Westmount School; Kerikeri Campus had already donated a total of $22,000. Ms Woodward said that the students had done an exceptional job encouraging the generosity needed to raise such an amount. ‘The students should be incredibly proud. It is fantastic to see young people work together to give back to the community. I was smiling for days after the school’s presentation and meeting them.’

By the end of the three years, the NCF was able to proudly announce that the target had been achieved!!!

School boosts Project Promise by $27,000 _


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