Potters Crouch Firefighters refreshed by Plymouth Brethren

Potters Crouch Firefighters refreshed by Plymouth Brethren

October 2012


Firefighters refreshed by Plymouth Brethren aid workers

A massive fire in England has been burning for 11 days, with fire-fighters struggling for control.

Church volunteers came to the rescue of the fire-fighters by feeding them while they battled the recycling centre blaze.

A team from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in Hemel Hempstead has set up a cafetria with bacon sandwiches, sausage rolls and hot drinks since last Sunday just after the fire started in Appspond Lane.

Many fire-fighters were prompted to say they deserve a medal for their help.

Firemen getting free food from Plymouth Brethren

Fireman Lincoln from St Albans fire station said: “They supported us throughout. We’re very, very grateful.”

District commander Ian Markwell said: “We are extremely grateful to the Plymouth Brethren Christian church for their continued support at this incident.

“Their refreshments have proven invaluable in sustaining our crews through long and arduous shifts.”

Church elder in St Albans David Tuffin said: “This is just a continuance of our outreach to the general community.

“Our family have preached the gospel in the streets for 40 years in St Albans and have been helping out in many charity events whenever possible.”

The group has teams across the country that feed emergency service workers at major incidents.

Recently more than 50 MPs signed a Commons motion calling for the Charity Commission to let the church group be a registered charity after it banned the organisation stating it didn’t think it did enough work in the community.

Plymouth Brethren provide hot drinks for firefighters

29 thoughts on “Potters Crouch Firefighters refreshed by Plymouth Brethren”

  1. HEYQYY!! says:

    u brethran must b amazing!!

  2. A believer in Christ says:

    When you have your faith in Christ you know that you can leave every detail of your life up to Him. Because you know that He is in control you, you no longer need to worry about things but can be prepared to smile and help others! This is why we (the PBCC) can give all we can, with a smile. 🙂

    1. Another believer in our Lord Jesus Christ says:

      Thats totally correct!!
      Keep up the work UK!!!!!!!

  3. interested says:

    Hello Admin
    Is the story of the PBCC RRT support after the helicopter crash in London going on this site? It was a tremedous effort and appreciated by all concerned.

    1. Myself says:

      Yes ‘Interested’ i’d like to see that as well. i’ve heard little bits about it but would like to see an article about what the brethren did.

  4. Tw says:

    @ Paul (341st JAN)
    you have something twisted here my friend. It’s not that the Brethren are boasting as such, nor do they really want everyone to know what they do as a “look at us” tactic to gain public interest.
    For years the Brethren have helped charity’s worldwide, like the fires is VIC Australia, the Floods in QLD Australia, the Earth Quakes in Christchurch and many more and have never been ones to broadcast what they do. Isn’t it sad that it had to come to a public refusal in the UK parliament in relation to Charitable Status, then the Brethren had to PROOVE to the world what they do and have been doing for years?
    I think any action of any organisation that benefits others should be praised!! Whether it is broadcasted or whether you witness it firsthand! Never should it be despised!!!


  5. Paul says:

    I would like to recommend to the PBCC and to all who contribute to this blog that they read the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 6 verses 1-4. Those who advertise their own good works in order to gain the approval of a godless society and to gain recognition as a charitable organization cannot expect to receive the blessing that comes from the Father in heaven. What would they think of the Salvation Army if they broadcast their charitable works in the same way. Would they not be held in contempt?

    1. Admin says:

      Paul, suggest you check out the Salvation Army website http://www.salvationarmy.org.uk – obviously people want to know what they do.

    2. Heather says:

      Paul –
      Go to ‘News & Views’ and take a look at David’s post under the ‘Melbourne, Australia, 2009…’ blog. Hope that helps.

    3. Heather says:

      Paul –
      Sorry, it’s under ‘Community’ – my mistake! 🙂

    4. NCT says:

      Paul, the only reason that any of these charitable acts are being “broadcasted” is because the PBCC are being atacked as not being a charitable organization. They are only trying to show that they have a legitimate reason for being a charitable organization and (if you go to the main website) give a greater transpancy as to who they are and how they live.

    5. Elvin says:

      Paul, maybe we must also read Luke Ch.19 v 7-9, where Zac-chaeus stood, and said unto the Lord; Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor; …….. Zac-chaeus was not advertising his own good works, but needed to state the facts and what he characteristically did, in view öf persons there, who were being untruthful and unfairly critical of him, and in effect also the Lord, by murmuring and saying, that He was gone to be guest with a man that was a sinner. What a comfort it must have been to him, when Jesus said unto him, This day is salvation come to this house, forsomuch as he also is a son of Abra-ham.

  6. pr says:

    The brethren are doing a fantastic job wherever a crisis appears.

  7. Jamie says:

    Has anyone noticed that although the brethren are working on these photos, they are always smiling and looking happy?
    Can someone please explain that to me

    1. Alex says:

      Obedient, selfless, and caring persons are always happy persons!! We (Brethren) delight in helping others and being a support to the community.

    2. Mary says:

      Hello Jamie
      The answer is simple – true Christians are happy people! And they have good reason to smile, because they have the love of God in their hearts, as with any real Christian. As Alex (below) says, obedience and selflessness makes people happy, because they are no longer thinking of themselves, but putting others first. I have some brethren in my own local community, and you never see them looking unhappy – they are great people to have around!

    3. Tw says:

      @ Jamie JAN 3
      Ha-ha I like that! I say the same as everyone.
      you ever tried scowling when you are happy and enjoying yourself??
      I really doesn’t work!!!
      🙂 smile

    4. David says:

      Just to correct this that they don’t seem to be smiling on the top photo??

    5. Albert says:

      Hello Jamie
      Christain liife is full of JOY: its all about putting Jesus first; Others next; and Yourself last. It really works, and thats why Christians are happy people.

    6. Anony-mouse says:

      Busy people are happy people….. as long as they’re doing what’s right! I think it’s indisputable that they are doing what’s right here!

    7. Walter says:


      Thanks for your feedback… being one of the members in the picture, I would like to make it clear that there would be many photos around and plenty of people who would witness to the fact that I don’t really smile in pictures!!! Sorry about that!! I’m not the most photogenic chap around!!

  8. keith says:

    Davina, What you say is so true, i have some brethren where i live and they are a pleasure to meet and speak to, they do many diffrent jobs to help there neighbours and people in the area.

  9. Didimus says:

    I must say (even as a practising Jew speaking here is not seen as normal), this group I see here seem to be of special importance to our community welfare. Why do people seem to think they are not of public benefit??? It seems somewhat onesided to say the very least.

  10. FGR says:

    Wow! Awesome efforts once again by the brethren. This church is truly a vital cog to our country’s welfare. I cannot understand why there is all this slandering about them. Keep it up, and thank you for what you are doing.

  11. Davina Bushell says:

    I think the brethren are tremendous. What they do for the community is amazing, they look upright, happy and dependable people. I have some in my local area and you can tell them apart, they are often as a family unit and I feel secure with them around

    1. FGR says:

      Thats true Davina, same here – I’m glad someone else has good words to say about them. Selfless people working tirelessly behind the scenes. Its people like these brethren who make our country tick – thank you.

    2. Mary says:

      Same here. They are great people, and I’m only too happy to say so.
      Thank you, Brethren.

    3. Thankyou very very much says:

      Thankyou for your comments..
      Greatly appreciated!!

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