AU – JDRF OneWalk – Mt Barker

JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) One Walk is the new name of the Walk to Cure Diabetes. Each year, JDRF Walks across the world bring together around a million people to raise over $85 million for life-changing T1D research. This success is only possible because of the support, commitment and strength of our community.

Advertising Poster for the event

Advertising Poster for the event

It was so enthusing to see these young family teams preparing for the JDRF OneWalk, some in custom printed shirts, with the aim to raise money for research to “TURN TYPE ONE (Diabetes) INTO TYPE NONE”.

The RRT provided the catering for the event hosted at Keith Stephenson Park, Mt Barker, South Australia on the 8th of November; cooking and serving over 100 sausages and bread, and 90 hamburgers to the hungry walkers.

A band by RRT provided an enthusing atmosphere to the day

A band by RRT provided an enthusing atmosphere to the day

The day began with the RRT providing breakfast as the walkers arrived and gathered on the lush lawns as the band played. Following an introduction to the day by Tamara Aitchison, and the Mayor Anne Ferguson, Luke from Step into Life led a 10 minute warm up session, before leading the eager bunch to the beginning of the 5km walk.

As the first tired and hungry walkers arrived back at the main site, hamburgers and sausages in bread and water were ready from the RRT tent. Raffles were drawn to the lucky winners of a number of prizes, whilst the families and friends enjoyed the great music, relaxing on the lawn soaking up the fine weather, or on the bouncing castle, and having face painting.

Sausages and hamburgers went down a treat before and after the walk

Sausages and hamburgers went down a treat before and after the walk

Special mention goes to the Koch family who looked awesome dressed in custom printed ‘Walk 4 Melody’ shirts, and raised a great sponsorship amount towards JDRF. Young Melody, who has diabetes, is pictured below in her special orange T1D cap!

Melody and her family

Melody and her family

A great day was had by all, and comments received were; “I love the quality of the presentation of the food!” and  “that band is awesome”.

Looking forward to the JDRF OneWalk in Mt Barker next year!



15 thoughts on “AU – JDRF OneWalk – Mt Barker”

  1. Wow says:

    Nice 1 RRT… great playing. How does the guy manage to change across from the acoustic to electric guitar in the middle of Stairway to Heaven?

  2. Deborah Dallas says:

    Stellar!!!!! Incredible music and such vibrant support!! I LOVE IT!!

  3. Be says:

    FANTASTIC, Oncore Oncore !!!

  4. Mark says:

    As an Open Brethren believer and a father of a type 1 diabetic – thank you for the assistance provided. Fundraising for JDRF is a fantastic way to exhibit God’s love.

  5. fred says:


    could we get some more videos of the bands so that we can enjoy the work of the RRT and Listen to the Fantastic Music of the Plymouth Brethren. beats anyone by far

  6. Jimze says:

    Good one Bren & Team!

  7. ME88 says:

    Hey came you put all the recs on

  8. ME88 says:

    Floppin epic

    love it

  9. col mase says:

    Awesome!!!! :)))

  10. weirdpommie says:

    Wow – well done to all involved! Awesome music – and seriously impressive videography! Congrats to whoever managed to produce that! 🙂

  11. me says:

    another good deed done by RRT but would love to see some videos of the band

    1. Admin 2 says:

      Yes coming watch this space!

  12. greedy says:

    awesome work RRT
    can we have recordings or a video of the songs please?

  13. BELLA says:

    Are there any recordings or videos of the band ? We’d really like to see or hear it. It sounds it was great.

  14. me. says:

    well dun!! 🙂
    any vids of the band? keen to see sum 🙂

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