Plymouth Brethren Christian Church helps the Stars…

Plymouth Brethren donate to Shoorting Star CHASE

On Tuesday the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church donated £5000.00 to Shooting Star CHASE in support of the excellent work they do.

Mr Jeremy Payne, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at Shooting Star CHASE was delighted to accept the generous donation presented by Church members Iain Cooper and his family from Surrey.

Shooting Star CHASE is your local children’s hospice charity caring for over 600 families living in western London, Surrey and West Sussex.

Shooting Star CHASE aim to make every day count for children and teenagers with life-limiting conditions, and their families.  Shooting Star CHASE walk side-by-side with them on their journey, sharing the good times, and helping them through the tough times with practical, clinical and emotional support.

David King, chief executive of Shooting Star CHASE says;

“With continuing cuts in government funding and medical technology allowing children and teenagers to live longer but still not long enough, our charity needs support more than ever. Times may have changed since we were founded, but we will always put local children and teenagers with life-limiting conditions at the forefront of everything we do.”

Services are available 365 days a year.  Families receive our support free of charge, in their own homes and communities and at two children’s hospices, Shooting Star House in Hampton and Christopher’s in Guildford.  These services include:

  • Planned short breaks at Christopher’s and Shooting Star House
  • Hospice at Home
  • Family support, counselling and therapies
  • Symptom management and paediatric palliative care
  • Sparkle Day Care at Shooting Star House and day visits to Christopher’s
  • Special activities so families can have fun together, creating special memories
  • Urgent support for families in a crisis
  • Care at the end of a child or teenager’s life
  • Ongoing bereavement support for the whole family

With no guaranteed Government funding Shooting Star CHASE must raise £23,000 a day to provide all these vital services.

25 thoughts on “Plymouth Brethren Christian Church helps the Stars…”

  1. Roberta de Barcelona says:

    well done cousins

  2. Mark says:

    Reply to – Comments – Feb 9th /1st
    Silas / T / Deb – (Thank you)

    Your support appreciated albeit more than the words themselves.

    To be honest, I feel surprised by all the nice comments because of so very little contact over the years. My situation is being managed.
    Perhaps you would spare a thought for the people of other lands like Syria, who are being slaughtered in their tens of thousands by their own people. I feel completely helpless about this and wonder just how much worse it can get for all those poor families who have lost loved ones and their homes and businesses.
    All the past and present suffering of humanity is known to God and he knows those that are his.
    There will be many in heaven who never knew God in the same way as we do. We should not forget all those fathers, mothers and children who are going through unspeakable horrors. It is very sad and affects me deeply when I look at my little son and know he depends on me to protect him from this world.
    Being a single parent and a teacher in a foreign country, and caring for my 5 year old son , tests my spirit daily. So your words of kindness are like a lifeline at a time when some have become hostile because I love the brethren. I love the work of God in every Christian, whether they be in the brethren circle or from elsewhere. I ask persons who feel opposed to just stop, stand still and ask God to bring about a change of mind and spirit.
    To say that I am so thankful, is really an understatement at this time because of the hostility I feel from persons who are actively opposed to the truth. It is not too late, be open to a change of mind and cast all your troubles on that wonderful man Jesus. It worked for me anyway.
    As mentioned on my previous posts, I urge anyone who is feeling angry, lost or in emotional pain to give all their cares over to the man who knows all about it.
    The Gospels have recorded the times that Jesus wept when he contemplated the power of death over his creation.
    Jesus felt emotional and physical pain just as we all do, he was fully human, yet no sin was in him. He was a perfect sinless man, yet he laid down his life for the sinful, wicked and godless. That’s you and me.
    If that doesn’t change your thinking, nothing else will.

    I do not speak for or represent the brethren, but I will speak up in their defense.
    As previously stated – To not like the brethren, is not an excuse to harm or discredit them. If one even thinks about it logically, we meet all sorts of people from different faiths and backgrounds, but to just think kindly makes all the difference. The root of much anger in the world is often fear, fear of being rejected or unloved. So it can make a huge difference in someone’s life, just to draw along side and offer a helping hand.
    There is a very interesting and beautiful scripture that says or words to this effect –
    ” If your enemy be hungry, give him food to eat and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink. For by doing so,, thou shalt heap coals on his head etc.
    Going back some years ago when I was feeling very angry and hostile, this scripture came to me and was really the start of a change in my way of thinking. There is so much to be done in us still. However, the work of God cannot be destroyed and he will honour his promise to not leave us here as orphans. Indeed we cannot be snatched out of his hand.

    That’s all I have right now, but I trust that it may be of some use to those who may be feeling sad or left out. God is good, God is love and he can see the slightest movement we make towards him. That doesn’t always mean being back in the brethren, as in my case, but he is able to still provide for and protect us in the days to come. I look forward to Christ’s coming. Everything will be put right in that day and all our tears will be wiped away. Just leave it in God’s hands and cling to the cross of Christ.


    1. MaryJ says:

      Mark, God moves in a mysterious way. He loves to surprise us – and He surprises most the one who depends most on Him. We don’t know what He has in mind for any of us in the future. In the meantime your testimony is helping others more than you would ever know. We keep praying for you in the assurance we WILL meet again.

  3. Bunny Boo says:


    Good point! Just stumbled over your comment from December. Can anyone tell us what the actual divorce or family break up figure is?! I would be surprised if it was anywhere near as high as 5% given the values & attitude of all the PBs I work with. Admin – do you have the figure?

    1. Admin says:

      Bunny Boo,

      You may find this report helpful. THE BRETHREN – Families Paper

  4. ds says:

    Is there any way I can receive a notification of new comments added to the different posts? I use RSS-feeds to see new posts but would like to be kept updated on comments too.

    1. Anony-mouse says:

      Yes, I would like to see this too

    2. Stay-at-home-Mum says:

      I think this is a good idea so you don’t have to scroll through the lot to read the comments.

      I’d like to add as a PBCC stay-at-home-Mum there is lots I can do for the public benefit, I’d like to do do more but cannot financially. Some of the things I have done and/or have thought of include:

      *Providing a stable, happy, loving, safe, supportive and pure family environment for my kids. Unhappy kids from unloving, unstable, dysfunctional families are often the kids that are in trouble with the police, turn to drugs, drop out of school, end up on unemployment benefits, the list goes on.

      *Just a smile and a nod to another mother struggling in the supermarket with little children.

      *When my children attended a government run school there was much I could do, many mothers not of our faith have the same stresses and worries getting kids to school safely and on time, supporting kids through their struggles and schoolwork, protecting them from evil influences. A kind word of advice, a sympathetic ear; you don’t know how that can help someone who’s having a bad day. I loved helping the little ones read, just taking an interest in them, praising their efforts and it cost nothing and the rewards were great! Some of these little ones have unhappy family lives and a stable, kind adult can have a wonderful effect on their day…just ask any teacher!

      *Helping your kids do fundraisers, we have done many to benefit their schools, the community, people like the Salvation Army, Heart Foundation, Jump Rope for Hope, Bushfire or Flood Appeals, Careflight; kids love fundraising for a good cause!

      *Even just helping a sick or old or disabled neighbour in need, we’ve provided meals, mowed lawns, taken dogs for walks, fed pets, collected mail, provided comfort when they’ve faced life’s sorrows. Often when you’re in a crisis people don’t want to know you…a Christian can often give you the comfort you need at a time such as this as they have a resource outside of themselves.

      In short, it is just good old-fashioned Christian love and charity for all mankind. You’d just love all out there to come into the gain of it and look to Christ as their Saviour.

    3. Jay says:

      I discovered an RSS feed for comments here:

      Not sure if it’s officially supported though – I don’t seem to receive 100% of the comments. You can also get a comment feed for a particular article by appending /feed/ to the url, eg;

      Hope this helps!

    4. Anony-mouse says:

      In response to Stay-at-home-Mum

      This last couple of weeks, Baroness Warsi has said “Britain does do God, and those who do God, do good.” She highlighted the publication of an annual survey on Church and Community Involvement, which shows that church-goers alone provide almost 100 million hours of unpaid volunteer work on social projects annually. The baroness stated that faith is very often the basis for good deeds, saying “It influences, it inspires, it impels at every turn.”

      In 2011, she also said that incidents of human kindness, of love and support for charity are powerful manifestations of faith.

      So I hope that those MPs have taken that in!!

  5. Chris says:

    It has been a stuggle for us all to keep our families free from the world and its attractions, interests and aspirations but we love to enjoy the Christian pathway of putting God first, others second and self last in what we do. Naturally we are selfish but that does not give us satisfaction, only gratification.
    The major floods in Jan 2011 that caused huge damage and loss of life in South East Queensland drew out the ‘Brethrens compassion for our neighbours and we helped in the cleanup for weeks, and provided meals and emergency supplies to many. In Ipswich alone (pop 165000) 22 brethren households donated A$16500 to the mayor’s fund for the flood victims.

  6. Mark says:

    Response to January 15th – Deb
    Deb, you are welcome and your kind words much appreciated.

    However, I have no real expectations be back in brethren circles for several reasons.
    One of these is, not everyone is welll suited and in my case, God’s government has perhaps overuled and closed the door for now.
    We should be mindful, a lot happens in 22 years and so I just accept where I am today and trust God for the future, wherever and whatever that may be. We do not need to fret, just trust him and cling to his promise.

    We cannot demand anything, but can be thankful in everything.
    I routinely remind my students that attitude is the key to learning, and indeed creates the conditions for successful outcomes.
    Likewise, we need to have a change of attitude, a change of direction and to acknowledge we have been wrong. God Loves U-Turns in this respect.

    The truth in the Bible, remains as inspiring, beautiful and powerful as the very day it was written and means so much to me personally.
    The Gospel has the power to tranform our way of thinking, to set us free and also view the brethren in a positive way. As Jesus himself said or words to this effect, ” To him that forgives little, little is forgiven. If therefore, any person be in the gain of the Gospel, they could not be in the business of accusing the brethren. The Gospel, if allowed to have it’s way, will render a person incapable of being vindictive. It delivers them from that attitude completely.
    Persons who are saved by grace, do not make trouble for others.

    To all who feel angry, lost, empty and sad, reach out to Christ’s wonderful work through redemption and be set free today.

    Kind regards and God bless you too Deb


    1. deb says:


      I want to thank you very much, again, for what you have written. Your words apply so much to me in my own life, too – “We do not need to fret, just trust Him, and cling to His promise”. I so often lose sight of this. And yes, thankfulness is the key to so much.

      It is what I have often thought – how can the Gospel, if allowed its way, leave any room for hatred, vindictiveness, etc, in a person’s heart? – it’s impossible, the way I see it, because the Gospel removes those things. I actually feel sorry for those with these awful things in their hearts, because it is simply impossible for them to have the knowledge of God’s love within them – hatred and love cannot exist together.

      Thanks for your kind reply – may you be greatly blessed; I have huge respect for the way you are living your life. What would we do without God and the Bible?

      Kind regards

  7. Mark says:

    The gentle nature of the brethren and their happy families speaks for itself. Compare this to the often unstable state of the world’s system and you can quickly see they have many positive aspects to their way of life.

    I think that as time goes by, we will become more thankful for this influence that can change the hearts of persons in authority and in our government towards what is decent and right. We have all seen a terrible decline in our nation in recent times because of a rejection of Christian values and matters of conscience.

    Let us stand together to support the brethren and give credit where it’s due. Above all, let us forgive their mistakes and find forgiveness in our own lives. As an ex member of the brethren, I feel happy to see they are doing more to actively reach out to the general public.

    God is love, he knows our hearts and the longings of all men who seek to change their lives around for good.
    There are some who write negative comments and even books about the brethren and I have concluded it’s because they have not accepted God’s grace through forgiveness in their own lives. Discontented people tend to look for fault in others to avoid facing their own faults. To not like the brethren, is not a valid reason for seeking to discredit them.
    I would love to be back with the brethren, but have to accept where I am at the present time.

    Mark – English teacher in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    1. deb says:

      Thank you for what you have written – I greatly respect it, and I hope you will, in God’s time, be able to be back with the brethren.
      I admire the way you have been able to find peace and forgiveness in your life, and what you say about negative comments, discontented people, etc is so true (only I could never have worded it as well as you have done).

      Many thanks, and I wish you all the best

    2. T says:

      @ Mark the teacher
      you are a legend mate. You have my total respect!!
      You must be an inspiring teacher, your students are very lucky.
      I hope you can find a way back to the position if a way be opened up for you
      I am a member of the PBCC and my Gradpah is also an ex-member and would love to be back with us aslo but his circumstance are restricting him also.

    3. Silas says:


      Mark we all would love to see you back, and I find it is very important for me to not forget that all of our lives are safely in the hands of our Great Creator and Saviour Jesus Christ. No doubt he is not the only one thinking of you at this time…

  8. John North says:

    When are you starting an NZ and AU website link ?? for Plymouth Brethren so we can access more relevant local news and updates

  9. Jamie says:


    I totally agree with Cec, you obviously have never come across the brethren before because if you had then you would realise that as ‘Admin’ says the family is a high priority with them as far as I can see in whatever they do. Business or home.

  10. Anonymous says:

    DF3K We really hope that that the brethren are gifted the charity status they rightly deserve, we are not of your faith but find the local brthren so helpful and always willing to help people localy, they do so much good around the world with little or no reward except the knowledge that they have many people some good. so fingers crossed they get the charity status they need to help them continue with their good deeds.

  11. Carolyn says:

    Wow, what generosity! As regular users of the Christophers hospice in Guildford we can testify to the huge input necessary to care for the children there, many of whom would need constant care 24 hours a day. This will really help them in their never-ending work. Many thanks

  12. John says:

    I was interested in you priorities: Business then Church. Way down is family. Says it all, really

    1. Admin says:

      The ordering of the topic categories is in alphabetical order, that’s the way the website works! You raise a good point though, family values are a top priority for us.

    2. Cec says:


      You obviously don’t know these lovely people – just look @ some of the stastics compared to the ‘rest’ of us – their divorce rate is less than 5%!!! Surely that makes it very obvious that family life is a high priority to the brethren.

    3. Me says:

      The divorce rate is actually only 2.2%, that is very low, obviously family is very important!

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