PBCC funds help to rebuild Crows Nest Rural Fire Station in QLD

Plymouth Brethren Crows Nest Fire Brigade

Crow’s Nest is a small town located in the Darling Downs, approximately 157 kilometres northwest of Brisbane, and 43km north of Toowoomba. The Rural Fire Service based in Crow’s Nest service a large and intensely fire prone area. A group of volunteers carry out the firefighting service to the community and support other rural RFS units in neighbouring shires in times of need.

Plymouth Brethren Crows Nest Fire Brigade

Ironically, a devastating fire destroyed the Crow’s Nest Rural Fire Station in July 2008, along with their fire trucks and all their equipment. Although the trucks and some equipment were replaced some time ago, the Unit desperately needed a new depot in a central location. The necessary equipment was stored on farms around the region. This meant an emergency response could be delayed by up to 20 minutes due to travel time when collecting the truck and equipment.

Plymouth Brethren Crows Nest Fire Brigade

The community put a lot of effort into fundraising for this vital building, mostly via raffles and donations.  However, the prospect still appeared many years away.

Plymouth Brethren Crows Nest Fire Brigade

The QLD PBCC was privileged to be able to distribute the proceeds from the sale of the ‘Flood Horror and Tragedy’ book (published in the aftermath of the 2011 QLD floods, see this blog)to various charities, including $21, 855.55 to the Qld Fire and Rescue. Due to the great need of the Crow’s Nest RFS, the QLD Fire and Rescue Headquarters forwarded the full amount to them. The members of the Crow’s Nest RFS were overwhelmed with the receipt of this donation, and quickly utilized them in the construction of their essential central depot.

Plymouth Brethren Crows Nest Fire BrigadePlymouth Brethren Crows Nest Fire Brigade 

The official opening ceremony on Saturday the 14th of June was an opportunity for members of the PBCC to meet with the crew from Crow’s Nest, and express their best wishes for the future. Other attendees included the Minister for Emergency Services, QLD;  the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner for Qld Fire & Emergency Services, HQ Brisbane; the Area Director, Rural Fire Service Qld and  team from the Toowoomba Office; Deb Frecklington (Liberal Member for Nanango), the Crow’s Nest RFS members, representatives from the other 14 Brigades in the area, and others. Present were some the original members who formed the first Volunteer Crow’s Nest Brigade. The Crow’s Nest RFB team are very thankful that they now have a place to call their own, and the local community can rest in the knowledge that their RFS are now ready at a moment’s notice!

Plymouth Brethren Crows Nest Fire Bridage

Plymouth Brethren Crows Nest Fire Brigade

Watch highlights from the opening ceremony on this video.


Crows Nest Fire Station

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