Outback Emergency Crew Values RRT Aid after Emu Accident



When Nigel, a member of the PBCC from central western New South Wales, came across a tragedy while on a family outing, he knew what needed to be done.

What he saw, in the mid-afternoon, had been an emergency situation since mid-morning. Two motorcyclists had been riding along beside the Sydney-Perth railway line, not far from Mount Hope, when an emu ran in front of them and caused an accident.

In outback regions of Australia,  Emus are a constant hazard to vehicles, as they weigh up to 55kg, and stand over 1.6 metres fully grown. Able to run at speeds over 60 km/h, they can surprise motorists and cause disastrous accidents.

Full Grown Emu

Full Grown Emu

One man was critically injured, and his companion had to ride 10km to call for help.

At the accident scene

At the accident scene

Emergency services including a paramedic arrived on the scene after being called from Lake Cargelligo at 11.30am. For the next 4 hours they worked to save the injured man’s life as they transported him slowly back towards Lake Cargelligo hospital. They called up a helicopter and rendezvoused at the site.

They had no food or water, in temperatures of over 30°C and were in a remote location between the accident site and the hospital, when RRT operative Nigel came across them. To add to the drama one of the ambulance crew had actually fainted through lack of food and water. It shows their dedication to the job.

Nigel arranged for refreshments for the emergency crew.

They are cute when they are young

They are cute when they are young

Unfortunately, the accident had proved too serious, and the injuries were fatal, so the ambulance had to start on its way back towards the hospital at Lake Cargelligo 40kms away, before the RRT had time to get there with refreshments.

The RRT met them 20 kilometres outand provided refreshments at approximately 5.00pm, for which the crew were very thankful. While the RRT wasn’t on the scene earlier this time, the ambulance crews will know where to turn in similar cases in the future.

NSNSW Ambulance Appreciation

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  1. biggles says:

    CUTE . COM

  2. Super Trooper says:

    From the other side of the globe, just a message from the community to say that our thoughts a prayers would be for the family left. As a local RRT coordinator, i am thrilled to see that the kind of attitude towards helping someone, whatever the circumstances are, is the same world wide. Don’t know you personally, but, well done Nige

  3. ??? says:

    “They are cute when they are young”…….the boys or the emus??

    1. ;) says:

      Yeh both ARE cute when young!

    2. i agree says:

      😀 😀 then they grow ugly!

  4. me says:

    cutie pie

  5. Leprechaun says:

    What can i say but keep going Nigel ?!!

    A very sad story but I’m sure the families will be looked after and comforted by the Lord

  6. #nigel fan says:

    yep ditto that

  7. bees wax says:

    Good on you Nige. You’ve always had a soft spot for wildlife. I remember hearing about the time you raised the litter of orphaned kittens & fed them the best mince. You truly have a kind heart. Keep up the good work.

  8. bananas in pyjamas says:

    Nigel to the rescue!! He’s always been helpful no matter what the situation. Keep up the good work Nigel!

  9. yahoo says:

    Well done Nigel for your help and support to the wider community! I’m sure you’ll be blessed:)

  10. Funkay Squirrel! says:

    Well done Nigel and Lake Cargelligo RRT. Amazing efforts! Our thought are with the family of the man who God took away from them in His perfect ways.

  11. piglet says:

    oh thats really sad that the accident was fatal,
    however, well done to the PBCC member who came across the accident for doing all you can to help.

    once again the PBCC members help out in a crisis….
    keep it up!!

  12. Number9 says:

    yep, good old nigee pops!

  13. Old Roller says:

    I’m amazed that the ambulances don’t carry water bottles and emergency rations in these remote areas. Very glad Nigel did what he could to help the paramedics who worked so hard in such conditions to try and save a life.

  14. Just me says:

    Thank goodness for Nigel!

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