NZ – StarJam Buskathon Supported by Wellington RRT

StarJam is an award-winning non-profit organisation that empowers young New Zealanders with disabilities to achieve their full potential through music and performance workshops. On the 29th of October 2016, StarJam, Rockshop and RRT worked together to raise money for young New Zealanders with disabilities (The Jammers). The weather was wild and wet at times, but everyone kept smiling for the good cause.

The Wellington Regional Programmes Director (Adam Koveskali) was working hard all day to keep the programme rolling so all the StarJam Jammers got a chance to perform their practised songs. The Jammers made the atmosphere free and lively with singing, dancing and drumming. RRT kept the StarJam team fueled with free food and drink.

StarJam Wellington RRT 20161029 The Jammers performing as a group. Singing and dancing, it was beautiful to see.

The Jammers performing as a group. Singing and dancing, it was beautiful to see.

It was very encouraging to see the genuine support from the Wellington public as they put money in the StarJam buckets and bought food from RRT. Everyone had their awereness raised about the real need there is to support these young children and help build their confidence.

Some comments we heard people saying about the work that StarJam, Rockshop and RRT were doing together.

  • “What a handsome, generous bunch of people”
  • “Way to a mans heart is his stomach and you’ve connected with me today. I am pleased to support the wellbeing of these young children with disabilities”

The money was raised through various means; the StarJam crew and Jammers held donation buckets out for passers-by, while RRT sold sausages, gourmet burgers, soft drinks and water. All proceeds were then donated back to the cause

StarJam Wellington RRT 20161029 Customers queuing up for burgers and drinks

Customers queuing up for sausages, burgers and drinks

StarJam Wellington RRT 20161029 Handing over the check for $678 RRT raised for Starjam

Handing over the money raised by RRT for StarJam

Some local Wellington talent came to the stage to perform and help draw the crowds. And even the new Wellington City mayor, Justin Lester came along in support. Dressed up in a robe and crown he lip-synced to Disney’s Frozen ‘Let it go’ song!!!

StarJam Wellington RRT 20161029 Wellington's musical Mayor

Wellington’s musical Mayor

StarJam Wellington RRT 20161029 Wellington mayor, Justin Lester, Speaking with RRT members

Wellington mayor, Justin Lester, Speaking with RRT members