NZ – RRT Help Raise Funds at StarJam Wellsford

Saturday – October the 29th 2016 was a bright day, and summer felt very close.

The day was very nice for the Starjam Buskathon event at Takapuna, which was much appreciated as RRT Wellsford set up a BBQ and tables outside the Rock Shop, at mid-day.

StarJam RRT Wellsford 20161029 The setup outside Rockshop

The setup outside Rockshop

StarJam RRT Wellsford 20161029 Enthusiastic RRT

The enthusiastic team of RRT ladies!

This was the first time RRT Wellsford had helped out at a Starjam function, and there were many different Starjam locations around the country that same day, also being supported by RRT. While it wasn’t a huge event, it was certainly worthwhile.

Starjam do a wonderful job supporting and encouraging kids around New Zealand. They provide music workshops, community events, private and public gigs throughout the country to empower young New Zealanders living with disabilities.

The participants and their families turned up at approximately 1pm, and for the next 2 hours performed spectatularly – getting into the rhythmof the beat! They were certainly enjoying it, and it was a pleasure to see them beign real stars. The participants, with varying disabilities, have a life where many things don’t come easy, and this was a fun and rewarding day for all.

StarJam RRT Wellsford 20161029 Athletic performance

The performers were really giving it everything as they hula hooped and danced!

At the RRT tent, we were cooking sausages, bacon, onion – the smell of the ‘sizzle’ tempting participants and audience members throughout the performance.
The RRT was selling the food for anyone who was feeling the need, (and the busking performers got it free of charge for their great work) and also several kinds of drinks. All sales proceeds went to Starjam at the end of the event, who very much appreciated it. RRT was glad to donate to an organisation like this, who selflessy, tirelessly work to improve the lives of an often overlooked demographic. Keep up the great work StarJam!

StarJam RRT Wellsford 20161029 The Handover

The Hand-over of the proceeds to StarJam

A BIG thanks to the Starjam team for including the RRT at their event, and also a big thanks to the Rockshop staff, for the friendly way they let us set up (and almost take over!) their carpark.