NZ – Hawkes Bay Relay for Life

Relay for Life is an annual event to remember those who have lost their lives to cancer as well as those who have survived cancer. The event is run by the Cancer Society and always draws large crowds, whereever the region.

Relay for Life RRT Hawkes Bay 20170403 They were young & old

Young and Old turned out for the day!

A Relay was held in early April at the Hawkes Bay Sports Park, New Zealand, and it was a colorful, fun yet poignant time of remembrance and support.

This is the second year RRT Hawkes Bay has helped out. It is a full day – set up at 6.30am till pack up after 11pm – but it is one all our volunteers love to be at.

Relay for Life RRT Hawkes Bay 20170403 Happily feeding the crowds

RRT Enjoying the opportunity to feed the crowds

About 20 RRT personal served tea, coffee and cakes to all those who had survived cancer (called ‘Survivors’ on the day) before the event opening.
They also looked after the VIP team, a status awarded to the team who raises the most money with sponsorships and donations. This year it was Lizzies Angels who raised an amazing $4461. There were eighteen team members, all of whom were a family, and came from as far as from Wairoa to Central Hawkes Bay. They were kept stocked with platters of finger food, burgers, fruit and drinks through out the day. RRT felt it was a priviledge to serve a group who were so supportive of the cause!

Relay for Life RRT Hawkes Bay 20170403 The Survivors ribbon worn with pride

The Survivors ribbon was worn with pride

Relay for Life RRT Hawkes Bay 20170403 Survivors & Supporters hold hands right around the track

Some participant who held hands right around the track as a display of solidarity

RRT had two trailer mounted BBQs working cooking burger patties, onion and sausages. Delicious burgers and sausages and bread were sold through the afternoon as well, with all proceeds from sales of these going back to the Cancer Society; this effort raised over $1000 for the charitable organisation!

Relay for Life RRT Hawkes Bay 20170403 Survivors & Supporters enjoying freshly made burgers

Survivors & Supporters enjoying the RRT burgers

Kevin Bailey, a local grower who has experienced cancer himself, donated six bins of watermelons, apples and peaches. This fruit was all cut and served by the RRT team. Our track-side tent served truckloads of water as well as this fruit to exhausted runners and walkers. With the temperature on the day reaching 28 degrees it was gratefully received!

Relay for Life RRT Hawkes Bay 20170403 One of the supporters stops for fruit & water

One of the supporters stopping to get a breather and some fruit & water

A very successful day was had by all, with over 1200 registered participants and approximately 2000 supporters.
All in all, 3000 bottles of water as well as 1000 litres in bladders were given out!

RRT in the Hawkes Bay region enjoyed taking part in this day and are already looking forward to supporting this worthy event again next year.