New Gosford Meeting Hall – “Form and Function”

Plymouth Brethren - New Gosford Hall

New Gosford Hall – Front Perspective

In one of the many picturesque valleys on the NSW Central Coast, the Plymouth Brethren have begun work on their new church for the Gosford area.  Located 80kms north of Sydney, the Central Coast is home to some 300,000 people, and among them, 180+ Plymouth Brethren.

With a need to update their aging church in the region, originally constructed in 1977, The Brethren began searching the Coast for a suitable site in 2001 and purchased the current site at Lisarow in 2007.  With this search over, the next task was to ensure the new church blended seamlessly in with the local environ.  ‘Form and function’ was the brief.

Plymouth Brethren - New Gosford Hall

Architects, building designers, urban planners, geotechnical engineers, environmental consultants, landscape architects, groundwater experts and more (!) were all used in the massive task of ensuring this new church would both serve the needs of the congregation, as well as provide complementary architecture to properties, nursing homes and public school located in the nearby locale.

Over a period of 18 months an interesting variety of surveys, studies and reports were carried out, including flora and fauna reports, groundwater monitoring bores and traffic studies.  Nothing was left to chance to ensure all facets were covered!

After much input and interaction from the local council, nearby residents and many industry experts, on 12/11/12 the Development Application (DA) for the new church was approved!

Features of the new development include an extensive road upgrade to enhance safety and access for the church patrons and other residents in the area.  The building itself boasts contemporary rural hip roof design, flowing verandah awnings, with the building being set low into the landform to minimise visual impact.

Plymouth Brethren - New Gosford Hall

New Gosford Hall – Side Perspective

And although the total site area is 18 acres, only 3 acres will be used for immediate Church grounds.  Another five acres will be subdivided to create 2 housing lots, and the remaining approximate 10 acres has been left untouched as a dedicated nature area (including Cut Rock creek which meanders through a portion of the property).  The grounds will be complemented by the site’s extensive landscaping and rural-type fencing.

Whilst the big task of construction lies ahead, the Brethren are sure this will truly be an excellent example of form combining with function, as well as a much needed update from their existing facility.  Watch this space!

RFS visits the new site with a view to use the water tanks and utilise the site as an evacuation centre.

18 thoughts on “New Gosford Meeting Hall – “Form and Function””

  1. Granpa this time says:

    that is a lush room! wish ours was like that here in…………… east of england somewhere 😉

    1. Number8 says:

      yeah….can’t wait to get there!

  2. Arne says:

    12/11/12 the Development Application (DA) for the new church was approved! 2001 look for land, 2007 purchase land, 2012 development approved, 2014?what is the holdup? 13 years is a long drawn out process. Is the new hall still going to suit your needs by the time you get to use it?

  3. chewy says:

    incrediable, 1 day, CYA THERE!!

  4. cheerful! says:

    Incredible hall
    Hope it all goes to plan!!
    see ya there one day 🙂

  5. Daddo says:

    looks gr8!! blends in very well!!

  6. Jim says:

    The design of this church looks unbelievable – espececially for a church! It looks a great deal better than any modern day office building as well as looking far more advanced than many new house designs! Wouldn’t mind it as a house myself. It’s obvious that the brethren have put in a lot of effort plus many hours of dedicated labouring and planning just to get to the stage they are up to now, even though they still have many more hours of work to go! Looking forward to see the finished design.

  7. Ben says:

    Looks Fabulous…why does it look so different to all your other halls?

    1. granny says:

      My guess is that it is the same as other halls inside! The outside has to blend with the environment, and it looks as though the design will do this beautifully.

  8. VR says:

    Any chance of coming across to help out with the build project?
    After all, these are the days of international labour exchange!

  9. Harry says:

    Sensational design. I guess all the neighbours are pleased!
    I hope the project goes well for you all.

    1. TWISTY says:

      It would be great to have something as nice as that in the neighbourhood , and they tell me its only occupied 10% of the time. Better than highrises ,villa-units,shopping centres,warehousing,fuel stations,fastfood outlets or condensed housing.I think the neighbours will be really chuffed!!!

  10. Karl says:

    Well done guys, hope to get a bit of work out of work it.
    who can I contact to put in a quote on some furnishings?

    1. Roger says:

      Yes that roof looks like a challenge – can someone who isn’t from the church quote on it?

    2. BD says:

      Perhaps if you try the Contact us link they may be able to give you a name or address for quotation purposes etc.

  11. ME says:

    Man, that’s one interesting design 🙂

  12. JStar says:

    Looks very nice! Would love to come and visit one day 🙂

  13. granny says:

    This looks superb! Will be watching for updates as it progresses!

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