New Engadine Meeting Hall – “A Unique Bushland Church”

The beautiful natural surroundings of the Sutherland Shire in NSW, Australia, have presented a special challenge to the PBCC as they strive to create a new church hall which merges with the unique bushland environment. Ongoing safety and parking concerns prompted the PBCC when they purchased land for the new church in Heathcote, adjacent to the Heathcote National Park.

Plymouth Brethren - New Engadine Hall

Steep rocky cliffs are a feature of the site

The topography of the site is certainly challenging! Featuring a steep gradient and various obstacles such as large rock outcrops, the ground work is going to be a major achievement. The brethren have worked with the natural landforms, which has created a unique design which follows the land patterns.

Plymouth Brethren - New Engadine Hall

Photo Montage – Approaching the new church.

The actual church hall itself is an architectural masterpiece; a team of experienced architects has been employed with the object of creating a functional centre that complements the natural beauty of the site. The building design, colour schemes, landscaping and even the roof lines follow a “natural” theme so people can enjoy the wonderful ambience of nature.

Plymouth Brethren - New Engadine Hall

Photo Montage of the church viewed through the bushland.

The brethren are anxious to make sure the natural beauty of the site is retained as well as the creation of a safe, purposeful and substantial place to worship. There are special features about this land – the area is home to some unique natural heritage

The Melaleuca Deanei: a special species of paperbark tree; so special in fact, that the specimens on the site have their own personal watering system & a barbed-wire enclosure to protect them from harm.

Plymouth Brethren - New Engadine Hall

The fenced enclosure contains the Melaleuca Deanei.

Plymouth Brethren - New Engadine Hall

Melaleuca Deanei


Plymouth Brethren - New Engadine Hall

Melaleuca Deanei

The trees, along with the hydration device, will be carefully transported to a safe area in the Spring – out of the way of any harm which might occur during the building process. They have also been successfully propagated by the team at Mount Annan Botanic Gardens, ensuring that they are preserved for the future enjoyment of all.

Site preparations are to begin late 2013 – watch this spot for future developments and some exciting photos!


18 thoughts on “New Engadine Meeting Hall – “A Unique Bushland Church””

  1. Corks says:

    We used to live next to one of these churches,before we moved. The boy that mowed the lawn sometimes used to mow our lawn as well while he was doing it.. All the best guys….

  2. Kate says:

    Would love to be able to come every week to the new hall like I used to come to your old one 17 years ago….

  3. Alon says:

    Just wondering if the site preps began on time and where you are up to now?

  4. Number9 says:

    do you do guided tours….I’d like to come and visit it…??

  5. EmilBee says:

    Impressive! All the best with your new church building project!

    1. Anonymous says:

      would have to say it looks awesome, cant wait to visit in the flesh

  6. . says:




  7. Mahajarah says:

    Moo! (That was a moo of admiral) 🙂

  8. MUZFUZZ says:

    Despite being a bit of a botanist on the quiet, I have never heard of Melaleuca Deanei – sounds interesting – could anyone tell me more about them?

    1. Muzza says:


      You can find more info on this link

      You may know of it as Deane’s Paperbark?

    2. MUZFUZZ says:

      Cheers for that – It makes a lot more sense to me as Deane’s Paperbark. In fact, their funny little fruits have always intrigued me!

    3. Mr Bean says:

      I have just looked in to the details of this plant and have found that it can grow up to 100 feet tall – is this right MuzzFuzz? Sounds a rare species to me.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Looks good

  10. OAR says:

    Looks like an incredible design. Could you upload a few more artist impressions or plans? Look forward to going there one day 🙂

  11. BB says:

    Wow – that is some design!! As a PBCC member in the UK, we had similar issues on our new church, with protect animal species and plants. The projects completed now and everyone is enjoying our new church and its amazing surroundings!

    1. Nola Elgee says:

      Where is that building? Would be interesting to see an article on it. What were the animals & plants? It has been very difficult to get permission to buy land for church halls in a lot of places, which is really quite strange when they add so much value.

    2. Alon says:

      Hello BB,
      I would be interested in seeing more info on your church too.

  12. TeeBee says:

    This sounds amazing and looks like you’ve been to a lot of effort to take care of the lovely environment you’ve got there.
    Any chance of seeing some plans of the new design please?

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