New Burnie Meeting Hall an Asset of The Town

Plymouth Brethren - Burnie Hall

TAS Burnie Hall

In March of this year, the Burnie Plymouth Brethren church invited members from all over the world for a special meeting. When they arrived, the visitors were introduced to a new meeting hall.

Burnie is a small community in northwest Tasmania where Plymouth Brethren have lived for many years. Townspeople are familiar with the sound of the gospel preached on their streets. Brethren business owners provide a substantial proportion of the town’s jobs. Many of these employers have been supported by Burnie council’s encouragement over the years and when more families belonging to the PBCC moved into Burnie they were warmly welcomed.

The church’s membership has grown over the years until it became apparent that a larger meeting hall was needed.

In 2008 the Burnie PBCC purchased 3.85 ha of land and gained approval for an 8 row hall in a similar style to many other PBC Churches around the globe.

Construction works began in mid-2009 with contractors completing the initial stages of earthworks in good time. In November of that year a team of trustees on the Burnie PBCC Building Committee set a target for completion of November 2010.

Plymouth Brethren Carpet Laying

Burnie Hall – Carpet Laying

A large band of workers, managed by the Burnie brethren committed to a year of intense effort. Skilled volunteers from the church, both local and interstate, carried out much of the construction. Local tradespeople were also enthusiastic and willing to help out with supplying equipment, and the council of Burnie was supportive throughout.

Week after week, people worked tirelessly, sustained by meals provided by the community. The effort was a great success – the project was completed a month ahead of schedule.

Plymouth Brethren - Bernie foyer

Burnie Hall – The Foyer

On October 26 2010, the Burnie PBCC commenced using this meeting room – every member who attended knew that they had in one way or another, contributed to the new hall they were enjoying.

Mayor of Burnie, Alvwyn Boyd, voiced his admiration when he and other Councillors inspected the hall. “This building would have to be one of the best buildings in Burnie. We are hoping that more of you people will move here and bring your businesses now it is finished.” he commented during the walk-through of the premises. Another councillor, Paul Arnold, told the Plymouth Brethren “This project is a credit to you and we are impressed with how smoothly the building went with no issues with the people around.”

Plymouth Brethren - Burnie Auditorium

Burnie Hall – The Auditorium

Burnie’s Plymouth Brethren could certainly never have had such success without the Council’s support, or that of the citizens of the town.

Perhaps most telling are the comments from non-Brethren residents who work and live near hall. The head of the local fire department, John Streets, told the Burnie Brethren after completion “you are a deterrent in the area and the numerous break-ins we were having have stopped since you moved in. We will avoid having our training sessions on Sunday when you are having services.”, and a resident of the same street as the hall voiced their support, stating, “we are pleased to have you people over the road, you never worry us.”

Plymouth Brethren - Car Park Works

Burnie Hall – Car Park Works

It was a pleasure to welcome Brethren from around the world to the new Burnie hall at the start of the year, and many other localities where Plymouth Brethren are building halls are looking forward to such success with their projects.

The Burnie meeting room is now in regular use and well-disposed visitors in the area are welcome to come and hear the gospel.

Plymouth Brethren - The Burnie Enterance

Burnie Hall – The Entrance

59 thoughts on “New Burnie Meeting Hall an Asset of The Town”

  1. AND says:

    Mmm, looks nice? Can I come? 🙂
    Haven’t been before, gotta start somewhere, hey? We’ve just got a new hall bout a year ago, crazy we’re on the other side of the world (kinda :)) & it looks all the same!!!

    1. me says:

      i love this hall
      could we cum a hav i look

  2. Ray Philip says:

    For the record: I’m from Northern Ireland, I’ve no problem about carrying a UK passportor about our caring UK neighbours and we loved our time in Burnie.Let us look global and suppress nationalism. What the place needs is fresh ideas to give them employment and encouragement. They are decendants from skilled workers so given opportunity the place could thrive again. What about a call centre? The main industry was a paper mill is fishing still a source of income?

  3. Craig says:

    yes we are the descendants of the Brits, we are descendants of the ones who got caught and the honest people that handed themselves in!! also known as convicts!

    1. DavidM says:

      It’s a real credit to you, love to see it.

  4. granny says:

    Have you been down to Burnie in Tassie?
    Their new hall is really quite classy
    That carpet looks swish
    All over the dish
    What a lovely new room down in Tassie!

  5. koffee says:

    hey come on- lets be mature about which country we’re from, and keep our comments related to the article okay? ‘All are precious in His sight” 🙂

    Excellent job on the new hall burnie, absolutely love the exterior colour scheme!

    1. Johnny says:

      Yes…I agree…keep the comments related to the article.

      Well done chaps…great investment!

  6. Greeneggs says:

    Sorry who are ‘the kiwis’? Some kind of fruit or an animal?

    1. Maggie says:

      New-Zealanders, or a bird from new zealand, or a fruit to eat! you choose what you think suits u best 🙂

  7. Ella says:

    Enjoyed this Blog!
    Very interesting!
    Excellent effort Burnie brethren!


  8. Enthused says:

    I’ve never heard of anyone ‘drawing’ the globe!!
    The only correct way to view the globe is with the beautiful Isles, sometimes known as the Motherland, at the top and the big desert with it’s erratic rainfall at the bottom!

    1. Nola Elgee says:

      I guess in an emergency one cannot be fussy as to which side of the equator Burnie is on! Do you have an RRT set up ready to roll? I imagine your hall would be welcome as a refuge centre, and well equipped.

  9. Kate says:

    British?! Umm that’s a bit far-fetched! Well us Aussies r humble & take low ground so we let everyone else tell us how cool we r!!!

    1. Mr Bean says:

      Aussies must’ve changed since I was out there…

    2. Me says:

      haha….aussies??? humble??? naa…

  10. OAR says:

    No one would ever believe what you say Mr Bean

    1. Mr Bean says:

      and why not?

    2. OAR says:

      Because your words hold little substance regarding British being the best. If you don’t believe me, ask the Northern Irelander’s!

  11. Auntique says:

    The 2 on their knees are praying for even seams and no ripples in two years time! The others are debating if it’s possible! Great job

  12. OLDOG says:

    I know a lot of Brethren people in our town, great people – they set a good example! Well done with the church building! – looks great!

  13. B says:

    Great to see you people assisting the development of our Town! Good Work!

  14. bill says:

    nice work boys!

  15. meridian school says:

    good job

  16. Lil ol Me! says:

    Looks gr8….when can we come?! 🙂

    1. justme says:

      Yep come on down, love to have you 🙂

    2. Lil Ol Me! says:

      U b’ing serious?! if so i’m coming!!!! is there anyones house etc that needs working on or anything?? (I need some sorta excuse…!!)……my passports in date (if i can find it!)…..plenty of work holiday left that needs using up……so basically ready and waiting…..jus give me 24hrs notice!!! 🙂
      U want my contact details so we can arrange? i know a couple p’pole from Tassie anyway from when they have stayed @ our house so…..

    3. justme says:

      Yep come on down, work on my house 🙂

    4. OAR says:

      Hey Lil Ol Me!

      If you’re from Australia, I’m not sure if you realise but you DON’T actually have be in possession of a passport, as I am pretty sure Tassie is part of Australia, however I haven’t made the journey for a while now and always take mine in case you do. You may however want to purchase some pills to stop seasickness as the paddle steamer boat journey can be quite wild at times. 🙂

    5. Lil Ol Me! says:

      Nope I’m actually from a lil further away than Aus…..I don’t really fancy paddle steamer boating from UK!!! hahaha!!! 🙂

    6. Me says:

      🙂 its a bit far for paddlesteamer aint it….. probably would need se-sickness pills a-plenty as well LOL

    7. OAR says:

      Hey sorry i meant from Australia (the mainland) LOL 😀 😉 🙂

  17. granny says:

    Can we come, please?

    1. Anonymous says:


    2. Lil Ol Me! says:

      Sounds jus like England!!! (Well sorta anyway!) Specially the need for Jackets sometimes!
      I’m not a granny and never will b, but u can make arrangements for me as well if u want…?!

  18. MUZFUZZ says:

    There’s many who’d fancy the journey,
    To visit the hall in Burnie
    They could come in a car,
    They could come with their ma,
    And sit through the service on her knee.

    1. MET gurl! says:

      haha i luv the poem! u luv writing them ay!!! 🙂
      oh and btw.. i was at burnie the otherday.. V nice hall… cant wait to come back!

    2. Mr Bean says:

      For those who don’t like a hike,
      you can always come on your bike,
      and when you get there,
      can join us in prayer,
      or give it beans behind the mike!

    3. Greeneggs says:

      We want to thank ‘MUZFUZZ’ and ‘Bean’,
      For their poetry skills on the screen!
      For this they deserve,
      To visit (or serve!),
      The saints and their new hall, so clean!

    4. Tickled Pink says:

      Luv the poetry! Can anyone think of a word to rhyme with Tasmania?
      How’s this: Whoever writes the best poem gets a free trip to Burnie!! LOL:)

    5. Greeneggs says:

      Those of us who are brainier,
      Would rather not go to Tasmaina!

    6. Mr Bean says:

      If you don’t have a mule,
      you could always come with Samuel!
      You see he’s a native
      and rather creative.
      Feel free to give him a call!

    7. MUZFUZZ says:

      Green eggs, you are viewed with esteem,
      I was happy just going to Nimes,
      But as one has pain, ya
      trip to Tasmania,
      Sounds like an excellent scheme

    8. H says:

      From everyone in Australia,
      A big ‘hooray’ for Tasmania!

    9. Tickled Pink says:

      Tee hee! Greeneggs wins this round! Unlucky – pack your bags, you’re going on the next flight!! Don’t say you weren’t warned!
      PS Wish we were coming as well (or instead!)

    10. LOOT says:

      Round two here…:) Sorry I’m a bit late!

      An article was posted on the PBCC blog,
      Oh boy, all the comments; the poor system started to clog!
      The article was ‘bout a hall down in Tasmania;
      People’s reactions were somewhat close to hysteria!

      The news was about a new hall that they had in Burnie,
      All the blogs came pouring in – they mostly seemed baloney!
      “Can we come and have a look?” the bloggers started to plead,
      “I’ll also give you lots of help – I’m sure you’d have a need?!

      Then some bullying people from their screens began to stir,
      But I won’t repeat their comments – unfair they really were!
      So we’ll leave it at that, and get back onto the topic –
      Which was about a brand new hall that did look fairly schmick!

      Well the Burnie City Council, they were very impressed,
      And then the break-ins declined – isn’t that really the best?!
      So the team at PBCC admin posted a blog –
      That’s when the comments came, and the system started to clog!

      Along came the poets, and a competition was set
      And the winner a free trip to Tasmania would get!
      So I sat down at my desk, and then I started to write,
      And this is what I came up with – you’d better book my flight!

  19. Enthused says:

    I like the photo of the carpet laying – 2 working & 6 watching!!

    1. serious! says:

      Just shows we are human!! 🙂

    2. me says:

      ahh maybe their british??? 🙂

    3. OAR says:

      or council workers

    4. Best of British says:

      Hey, less of the ‘British’ comments…..”Me”

      After all, who just won the ashes (again!)? Who beat Aus @ rugby? and I don’t recall hearing of any super dooper Aus player @ Wimbolden tennis either…??? and the list goes on!!…… I’d say it looks like we’ve “won” the right to stand by and watch you lot work for your living for once!!! 🙂

    5. Loot says:

      Hey…what about the two times that rain saved the poms (not that they would have won us the ashes but nevermind…), who won the ODI series…and just because someone from UK won the Wimbledon (which btw u have spelt wrong) for the first time in 70-odd years! =d 🙂

    6. Kate says:

      Now now u 2 – enuf of all this!! Luke 22 v 25-27 ‘And He said to them, The kings of the nations rule over them, and they that exercise authority over them are called benefactors. But ye (shall) not (be) thus; but let the greater among you be as the younger, and the leader as he that serves. For which (is) greater, he that is at table or he that serves? (Is) not he that is at table? But I am in the midst of you as the one that serves.’

    7. Learner says:

      Didn’t u know the best way to learn is to watch it being done?!!!

    8. Mr Bean says:

      That’s it Kate – you tell them. I mean – everyone knows the British are the best any way.

    9. Enthused says:

      Seems like my first blog has opened up quite a hot topic!
      Interesting to read the different views of people which seem to vary quite a lot depending upon which side of the equator you are!
      I think it can quite safely be said that those 6 watching are indeed from BELOW the equator!! lol

    10. Learner says:

      Those 6 watching are most certainly from below the equator – just depends which way you draw the globe!!

    11. Me says:

      hey i’m british…thats why i said it….the average british workman is known for taking more teabreaks than work… LOL

    12. Poms-r-us says:

      Aren’t most Aussies basically descendants of Brits anyway? Not much difference really, just upside down, depending on which way you look at it!

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