Nathalia Students Raise Thousands for Heart Foundation

Jump Rope for Heart is a physical activity and fundraising program that schools in Australia have the opportunity to participate in each year. Students are sponsored to complete skipping rope challenges, and the money they raise is donated to The Heart Foundation.

The eleven students in years 3-6 from the Glenvale Campus of Nathalia in country Victoria embraced this challenge with enthusiasm. They tirelessly collected donations and sponsorship throughout May 2014. Much of this came from family and friends, but the wider community also contributed.

The students devoted their PE lessons, recesses, lunchbreaks, and any other spare time, to perfecting their skipping techniques. The Jump Rope for Heart Organisation promotes skipping as an excellent way to improve cardiac health and fitness levels, and the children found this was definitely the case as their skills improved!

Plymouth Brethren Jump Rope For Heart

Students practised for weeks for the sponsored event

Underestimating his students’ capabilities, the Campus Co-ordinator, Mr Reno Lia, promised to wear a red dress to school if they hit a target of $1000.00. He kept his part of the bargain and certainly looked red when their efforts raised $4420.85!

Plymouth Brethren Jump Rope for Heart

Campus Co-ordinator Mr Lia, with 2 Glenvale Students, really got into the spirit of the event!

The intensive program culminated in a display of innovative skipping moves and games. After the performance, the students and their teacher presented the gift cheque to the Heart Foundation.  The local media visited the school and reported on the presentation, so the whole community learned about the 11 students who had raised so much money.

Plymouth Brethren Jump Rope for heart

Students and Teacher with the Gift Cheque for the Heart Foundation

These much needed funds will support ongoing research into heart disease and will help to provide care for people affected by this disease.


10 thoughts on “Nathalia Students Raise Thousands for Heart Foundation”

  1. zenia says:

    well done….goooood

  2. PBCC member - QLD :) says:


    Such a HUGE amount of money raised for such an EXCELLENT cause!!!! WELL DONE 🙂

    goooooo KYLA 🙂 🙂

  3. Anita says:

    Gr8 job guys:) i love the teachers dress!! Gangnam style!!!!!!!

  4. Bree Pudney says:

    Go ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Luv Bree

  5. Sam says:

    Well done you guys

  6. Sandra says:

    loooooooooooooooove the dress!!!!!!

  7. Lou says:

    Nice Hairdo too.
    Love to see what you’d do on Red Nose Day

  8. pad says:

    Well done guys! Spiffing jumping effort!

    It’s excellent to see people getting fit and raising money at the same time.

    Impressive dress, Mr Lia.

  9. Bonnie says:

    Well done

  10. Old Roller says:

    Over $400 each? That’s simply phenomenal! “Hearty” congratulations to all. Hope the British Heart Foundation get a good response to their bag campaign again this year in the UK. We all owe so much to these organizations for their tireless work and continual research into heart disease etc.
    Keep it up everyone!

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