The volunteer work of the Plymouth Brethren RRT in Maryborough(Australia) in January (as told in ) has recently been formally recognised by both local and state governing bodies

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Sandbagging

Maryborough RRT sandbagging the CBD prior to the Mary River Flooding in January 2013

On April 24th the Queensland Government thanked the Plymouth Brethren RRT in Maryborough for their part in supporting the local community.  Appreciative of the effort she personally witnessed during the floods, Member of Parliament Anne Madden presented the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church RRT with a Certificate commemorating their work. She thanked the team for the hours of tireless labour they had contributed, sandbagging the Maryborough CBD to save it from flooding from the rapidly rising Mary River.

Gerard O’Connell – Fraser Coast Mayor, Warren Truss – Federal Member Wide Bay, Tim Nichols – MP, Anne Maddern – State MP during January 2013 Flooding in Maryborough

A month later, on the 15th of May 2013 the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church was presented with a Community Champion Award by the Mayor of the Fraser Coast Council. The Community Champion award recognises members of the community who go above and beyond the call of service in their professional and private lives. The award was presented to the PBCC in appreciation for the support and assistance they gave to the community of Maryborough during the January 2013 floods.

Mayor Gerard O’Connell specifically mentioned to the audience the many man hours of time the RRT put into saving the community from serious flooding by extensive sandbagging throughout the CBD, as well as the provision and preparation of food for locals and emergency teams. “These people have sacrificed a lot to help their communities,” the Mayor said.

Plymouth Brethren - Frazer Coast Council - letter of thanks

Frazer Coast Council – letter of thanks

Plymouth Brethren - Maryborough - certificate from state MP

Maryborough – certificate from state MP

Plymouth Brethren - Maryborough certificate - Frazer Coast Council

Maryborough certificate – Frazer Coast Council



  1. NLC says:

    u guys are amazing
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    Amazing effort! Excellent psalm! Thanks again!

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    good on you, hope u had fun!!

  4. well done, well done!!
    there is an unbeleivable sacrifice involved

  5. kate says:

    Good on you all – keep up the great work

  6. licorice says:

    I’m really glad the PBCC are getting publicly recognized for all their hard word and toil.

  7. Mahajarah says:

    Definition of Sacrifice from Encarta: “a giving up of something valuable or important for somebody or something else considered to be of more value or importance”

    1. licorice says:

      yep, this was definitely a sacrifice

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    Good to see you guys get public recognition for this, great work deserves some acknowledgement! Keep it up!

  9. Adrian says:

    Very good article – many thanks.
    Any one that has had their home or house flooded – not only the water, but the slimy mud that goes with it – would be able to relate to the thankfulness of those that benefited from the hard working sand baggers!

  10. Nat says:

    The PBCC…. here we go again!!!!!!!!

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      and its not gonna stop either…

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    Yet another selfless task completed, well done.

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    Great sandy effort – Love from Mr Big

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    Looks like the Maryborough RRT have done a brilliant job – a very well done to all involved!

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