Montreal kicks in to help On-Rock

Over the last few years the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in Montreal has run some ‘food drives’ for food banks in Montreal’s West Island. One of these food banks is “On Rock Ministries” which does an incredible job of  continuously serving about 170 local less-fortunate families, people who would literally go hungry if not for their help. An example is a woman who lives in a flat near the food bank who cannot work due to mental illness. Her government pension cheque is almost the same as the rent for her subsidized flat. There’s nothing left over for food or even bus fare.

On Rock Ministries collects non-perishable food (cans, dry goods, etc.) from donors, such as the PBCC food drives, but they also get considerable quantities of perishable food from various food companies in the city. Until recently they had a commercial freezer about 8’ x 8’, but this was proving woefully inadequate for the quantity of food that they have to handle. The continuing supply of perishable food from food companies depends on them being able to remove production overruns from suppliers’ premises immediately, which requires having adequate storage space.

Plymouth Brethren - New On-Rock Fridge/Freezer

New On-Rock Fridge/Freezer

Recently they were able to acquire a large freezer from a store that was closing who let them have it for a reduced price when the store manager heard it was for a food bank.  However, they ran up unexpectedly high bills to move and install the large freezer, which required major electrical installation work. Missing the chance to get this freezer would have meant that much less food would be available for those who need it, so the food bank’s pastor decided to get it anyway and “have faith that God would provide” the funds.

Plymouth Brethren - On-Rock Loading the Food

On-Rock – Loading the Food


To assist with these efforts, the PBCC in Montreal canvassed its members and an amount of approximately $1700 was collected and donated to the food bank. Members were glad of the opportunity to do their part in supporting the community’s needy families.

10 thoughts on “Montreal kicks in to help On-Rock”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Excellent work! We help our local Food Bank too! We have just fitted out the store room with shelving for them and they are over the moon. We give food regularly too. We are in Portsmouth, England and it’s great to see it on the other side of the ocean. We have given them gospel cards too to put in the food parcels – have you ever thought about doing that? You never know it – it may appear on here yet so keep watching!

  2. ME says:

    Thats Great! do not stop the generosity- it shows what a christian is made of!

  3. JStar says:

    Awesome job ! – keep it up :)…

  4. Holly says:

    I bet France and Germany are already doing something behind the scenes. They just don’t seem to stop, wherever they are!

    1. mum says:


      If you see this, German RRT has been helping the emergency services fill sandbags. See blog.

    2. Anonymous says:

      if you look at the latest article in this blog you can see the RRT in Germany helping out with the floods there – i’m sure they would be glad of our prayers.

  5. granny says:

    This just proves it once again – The PBCC is the same all over the world – committed to help meet needs in local communities.
    Fantastic to hear of this activity in Canada! Please keep the articles coming!
    Love to you all over there. xx

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yes, that’s excellent. Now it leaves France and Germany to show up what they can do. I’m sure they must be doing something over there.
      Anyway, it’s really good news. Keep it up. We do need you for sure!

  6. Charles says:

    Now isn’t that great!
    Like going the extra mile.
    You will be blessed!

  7. Sarah says:

    Good work, Montreal
    Great to see this support for the community! The giving spirit is impressive.
    Keep it up!
    Cheers , Sarah

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