MET Maitland Choir Visits Local Nursing Homes

Throughout the past year, the MET school at Maitland has put in countless hours establishing a school choir for the purpose of performances at nursing homes and community events.


Organised by a member of the senior school, the choir consists of three instrumental members, and thirty choral students. Rehearsals are regularly held during lunch hours as well as after school. The repertoire is selected by the students and consists of a selection of well-known hymns and other popular songs that the audiences are familiar with.

Plymouth Brethren - MET School Choir

Girls Choir MET Maitland

Their first performance was held on the 27th of March this year at Singleton Heights Nursing Home and was warmly received by the staff and residents.

Other performances have included The Principal Nursing Home in Maitland on the 30th of May, the Garden Suburb Aged Care Facility in Newcastle and the Sugarloaf Gardens Nursing Home in Wallsend on the 28th of August.  The Garden Suburb Aged Care Facility even welcomed the choir back for a second visit on the 12th of September, to perform again.


Plymouth Brethren - MET School Choir

The elderly were visibly cheered

The experience the choir always has at these events has taught the students to appreciate the value of the elderly and its always rewarding to provide entertainment to brighten their day. Residents enjoy joining in with the singing, and the appreciation shown is heart-warming to the students.

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