Meridian Keith Day

During September 2013, the students from both campuses of Meridian School (Adelaide and Mount Gambier), met for a combined Games Day. The venue was Keith, a small rural town, which is strategically located on the main highway between Melbourne and Adelaide……and conveniently, half way between Mount Gambier and Adelaide. The Keith Football Clubrooms and oval provided a wonderful venue for the event.

Plymouth Brethren Meridian School

Primary Boys Team

The day commenced with students from both campuses energetically competing in a friendly manner –participating firstly in an arduous relay event, followed by a tough and furious tug-o-war. This was followed by various activities, making use of several venues in the township – including soccer for the primary boys, netball for the primary girls, basketball for the secondary girls, and football for the secondary boys. The football match unfortunately came to an abrupt end, when one of the lads suffered a minor injury and had to make an unpredicted visit to the local hospital. Lunch was provided by a willing team of dads and mums.

Plymouth Brethren Meridian School

Secondary Girls Team

At the close of the day, the president of the Keith Memorial & District Hospital arrived, and welcomed the School’s support in choosing Keith as the venue for the day. Students from the two campuses then presented a cheque for the hospital. The hospital plays a significant role in the local area, especially in the accident and emergency area, owing to the high number of road accidents in the area. Due to large cuts in government funding, the hospital had faced the unwelcome consequences of closure. The unexpected gift from the staff and students of Meridian School (Adelaide and Mount Gambier) was met with deep gratitude, and the funds have been used to replace a bio-chemistry analyser unit and purchase a much needed additional unit for the hospital.

Plymouth Brethren Meridian School

Presentation of $1015.00 to Keith Hospital

As a result of the willing co-operation of the Keith community, staff, students, parents, friends and relations have determined that the Keith Games Day become an annual event.


Thankyou Keith – we look forward to September 2014!

Plymouth Brethren Meridian School

Keith Hospital

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    keep going guys your sooo cool to be giving your time to raise money!!!!! keep going!

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    great work people!!
    who was the kid that got hurt? – feel sorry for him!

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    Well done everybody
    good to see you raising money for charities as well as having lots of fun

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    That’s so good helping in a town that you are not even local in. We could give you a few more towns names that could do with your help. How far can you travel for a sports day?

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    Awesome work guys ! keep it up !!! 🙂

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    Carry on keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That’s great students. A good charitable attitude developed early in life will be a substantial source of cheer to you later in life. Keep it up.

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    well done Meridian School
    keep it up…

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    thats gr8 guys!!!! keeping fit, being charitable, and raising money!! wow, thats preddy cool guyz, in fact i think that is verrrrrrrrrrry geez,and snaz…..

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