Mammoth effort to save Swan Hill

During January 2010, severe floods swept through the Northern Victorian region of Australia completely inundating some towns whilst others were saved through the teamwork, dedication and sheer persistence of hundreds of local residents and volunteers.

Situated on the mighty Murray River is the border town of Swan Hill. As soon as the threat of flood became obvious the local Plymouth Brethren members immediately went to work to organise supplies of sand bags and to establish the teams needed to fill them.

PBCC - Sandbag Fiulling

Large sandbagging depots were set up at two of the Plymouth Brethren business premises and hundreds of local townsfolk flocked there to help, enjoying the organisation and the food that was laid on constantly by the PBCC community.

PBCC - Larrge Sandbag Filling Deptos

The army and local councils soon recognised the important work being undertaken at these depots and lent their full support to the efforts.

Some 330,000 sandbags were filled from these two depots which used approx. 7000 tonnes of sand! Ultimately many homes and a power station that fed the whole of the North with power were saved through this incredible effort.

PBCC - Sand Stock

This back breaking work went on for weeks, sometimes day and night, and as a result the town was saved from inundation.

It was heard said by many of the local’s that “if it wasn’t for the Brethren the town never would have been saved.

PBCC - Sandbags Right To Go

6 thoughts on “Mammoth effort to save Swan Hill”

  1. Nola Elgee says:

    One thing that has never gone out of fashion is the Sandbag! No matter where in the world there are floods, it seems the basic sandbag is what ‘fills the gap’. And it always results in unity. Sometimes the most unpretentious things have the most outstanding results!

  2. Gavin says:

    I want to thank you people. Felt bad that we didnt give a big enough thank you. Generally you only get mention in the media if something negative and unfair and untrue can be found to dig up against you. We are safe while you people are around!

  3. Jim says:

    Well done! Keep up the good work, don’t stop.

    1. Holly, says:

      My goodness that work must have been so hot and tiring and yet… YOU DID IT AGAIN.
      Well Done PBCC.

    2. jessi says:

      yes.i totally agree with you holly

      great work PBCC…… you’ll be blessed for your efforts

    3. Winnie the Pooh says:

      excellent fab dib dab work PBCC!!!

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